New Year = New Browser

Those who visit this site using Internet Explorer will notice that the sidebar will now contain a message talking about upgrading to the Mozilla browser. I’ve been thinking of doing something like this before, but now I feel that Mozilla is ready for the masses, and I’m shamelessly promoting it to Internet Explorer users.

The reason?

Mozilla is faster, more secure, and has more features than Internet Explorer. What doesn’t it have? Spyware, ads, or irritating desktop icons. It’s also free for downloading on Windows or Mac. You can also find light versions that do not have the integrated mail and news, and are smaller downloads.

This isn’t an ad. I’m not getting a dime for this. My only real reason for this change is because I’m a Mozilla user and I like the project. I also really do not want to see a one-browser web. Right now Mozilla’s marketshare has grown from about .4% of the market to about 1.7%, which isn’t much, but it’s a start. If more people realized what Mozilla offers, that marketshare would skyrocket.

So here’s the deal. Download Mozilla, burn it to a CD. Pass it along to your friends. You’ll like it.

2 thoughts on “New Year = New Browser


    phoenix is an off chute of the mozilla project it’s just the browers: no mailer, no chat, no composer, just the browser; It kicks ass.

    Tabbed browrsing, pop ad block, mouse gestures and all sorts of different skins

    a windows down load is 6.8mgs and linux down load is 8.9 or so

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