More Attacks On Israel

Two suicide bombers have killed at least 15 at a Tel Aviv bus stop today, each bomber detonating shortly after each other. This is the first suicide bombing since November. Islamic Jihad has claimed responsibility according to Ha’aretz.

These groups have to realize that if they push Israel into a corner, Israel will fight back even harder than they have before. Already the climate among the Israeli people has turned from one of conciliation towards the Palestinians to one in which more and more people are considering the idea that Israelis and Palestinians can no longer live together in peace. If that idea take hold, not only will be peace be impossible, but the Palestinians will face recriminations beyond anything they’ve yet seen.

If the Palestinians want peace, they have to root out these groups and end the violence against Israel. The Palestinians are following the failed doctrines of violent radicals like Franz Fanon when they should be following the doctrines of civil disobedience. The greatest tragedy of the intifada is that those who preach blood and death are the ones who are slowly destroying any chance for a peacful and prosperous life for their people.

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