Material Breach?

It appears as though the UN inspection team has found evidence of contraband that could be connected to Iraqi WMDs after following leads from US intelligence.

No doubt the UN will hem and haw and attempt to play down any evidence found in order to stave off the inevitable conflict. However, when even the UN inspection team believes that the Iraqis are lying about their weapons programs, it’s clear that the Hussein regime has been in material breach of the UN resolution and that military action will be the inevitable result.

The article also notes that the timeline for invasion has now slipped from early February to late-February to early March for logistical considerations… hopefully the hammer falling will not be delayed any further. Each day of delay brings more time for the Hussein regime to oppress its people and prepare for war. Time is of the essence.

2 thoughts on “Material Breach?

  1. Thanks to our newest chair on UN Sec Council-Germany, Iraq now has enough materials to biuld long-range cannons and artillery as well-see saem BBC news…

  2. Please. You’re worried about the Iraqi people????

    I can’t believe that anyone would believe this fiction. Saddam is the same guy as he was when guys like you flipped the bird to the Iraqis. How do you feel about the Columbians? No doubt you will want to invade as there is a creep in power there. Oh wait, he is our ally like Noriega, Saddam, Fidel, Ferdinand, and on and on…

    Skip the BS about “the people” – I can’t believe that you swallow that.

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