How Do You Define Unilateral?

The Agonist points to an op-ed written by the leaders of the Czech Republic, Spain, Portugal, Italy, Britain, Hungary, Poland and Denmark – all of whom support the US on Iraq.

This only further highlights how out of step France and Germany are with the mainstream of Europe. They truly do represent "Old Europe", and despite their constant calls for the US to listen to them, they have no intention of cooperating with the US at all.

This campaign to disarm Iraq isn’t some unilateral crusade by the United States. It’s a multinational coalition to disarm and remove a tyrant and a cancer on the face of the Middle East. If France and Germany do not have the fortitude to do what is right, then they should merely get out of the way and allow greater nations to join in the liberation of Iraq.

3 thoughts on “How Do You Define Unilateral?

  1. When our fine president uses the millitary policy lapdog as his criteria for defining new Europe, he makes a dangerous step.

    Let us look at “new europe”

    1) Bulgaria- a country that has used government means to forcibly convert and try to deny the ethnic origins of the Pomaks- bulgarian muslims and systematically rape them of their culture. Human rights abuses against the Turkish minority are also rife

    2) Denmark- beneath the glitz you have a government slowly being run by rabid right wingers. The Danish People’s Party has helped to pass laws that ban Danes from marrying people outside the EU. The country also has some of the most xenophobic asylum policies in Europe.

    3) Spain- Iberian Europe has suffered the biggest decline of any power on the continent. Should I start with Spain’s inept economy or the fact that they are too busy fighting with morrocco over barren islands and claim gibraltar against the will of its people. Yeah.. Spain will help us.

    4) Portugal- ROTFLMAO!! Yeah Lisbon is a nice city, but this country has not produced a single famous explorer, artist, mucisian, diplomat, or anything for nearly 3 centuries.

    5) Italy- the only thing new about Italy is the fact that its government is new every other year. Silvio Berlusconi is a corrupt man who could barely run AC Milan’s soccer team, let one of the most corrupt nations in Western Europe.

    That leaves you with Tony Blair’s Britain, who has already surrendered to the IRA and three fairly mediocre Eastern European nations.

    Way to go for New Europe!!

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