Mental Gymnastics

I’m convinced that if there were an Olympic medal for mental gymnastics, the French would have the gold in a lock. While flipping through the channels, I noticed that CSPAN was playing the news from France’s Channel 2. What the French were saying about Colin Powell’s UN presentation was simply beyond belief.

The French argument boils down to this: since inspections aren’t working, what we need to do is create more inspections.

Somehow I fail to see the logic.

The French Ambassador to the UN, Dominque de Villepin made the argument that there was a "third way" between inspections and war, and that was a larger inspection team.

When the third way starts seeming very much like the first way, a way that leads precisely nowhere, you know that the French simply are running out of options. The French position in regards to Iraq is like a broken record: no matter how much the US proves that inspections are flawed at a fundamental level, the more the French want to magnify the flaw.

It is clear that Hans Blix’s inspections regime is a joke. The Iraqis knew that they were coming, and they quickly moved all weapons of mass destruction out of the area long before each inspection. Even Dr. Blix has been forced to admit that the Iraqis are lying – but refuses to acknowledge that means they have weapons of mass destruction.

Excuse me, but Dr. Blix – if they didn’t have weapons of mass destruction than why the holy hell would they have cause to lie to the UN? They bloody well aren’t making baby milk in Baghdad – so why all the deception. It doesn’t take much to put two and two together to realize that Iraq has weapons of mass destruction and is obviously hiding them from the UN. Given the nature of the evidence, only the most ignorant of people could argue elsewise.

It appears that the UN consists of a large number of the most ignorant of persons.

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