Fred Thompson: Coolest. Guy. Ever.

Former Senator Fred Thompson is starring in a TV ad to explain the case for invading Iraq counter to Martin ‘Left Wing’ Sheen’s anti-war ad.

In an interview with a local Memphis newspaper, Thompson did not hide his disdain for what he considers WEST WING’s preachy liberalism. "I’ve been thinking about the possibility of having my character run against Martin Sheen (Bartlet) for president," Thompson declared.

My vote is with Fred. I stopped watching West Wing (even though I’d just started) when they painted James Brolin’s Republican character as an uncaring dullard. I’d rather watch a show that doesn’t insult me, thank you very much. Aaron Sorkin may be a talented writer, but his talent is often put behind his ideological blinders.

6 thoughts on “Fred Thompson: Coolest. Guy. Ever.

  1. On 03/02/03 Fred Thompson, on NBC’s “Meet The Press”, cleaned Mike Farrell’s clock. A bravura performance!

  2. Fred Thompson is my new hero. I will watch Law and Order just for him.

    Stupid preachy liberals. I hate them all.

    And FYI, BARNY GUMBLE, Fred Thompson was old when Vietnam happened, and he worked for the Fed. Gov’t.

    If you are going to bitch about old people not going to serve, why don’t you ask your grandfather why he didn’t go to Vietnam too okay?


  3. Chris
    you are not the sharpest are you? you say that Fred Thompson was old during Vietnam? Well since when did 20 years become old? If he was born in 1942 then in 1962 he would be 20 and the Vietnam war ran from 1960 when he was 18 to 1975 when he would be 33 years old. And you can still be inducted until your 35th birthday. Just like a Conservative a dove now a hawk. I served in the military and I for one do not agree with Martin Sheens position nor do I agree with Fred Thompsons. I do understand that Mike Farrell enlisted in the Marines and served. I for one do not watch the west wing I do watch Law and Order and did before Fred Thompson I did notice that he was cast as an Admiral in the movie “The Hunt for Red October” and I for one thought he did a good job. But that roll do not make him a military genius. He like both Mike Farrell and Martin Sheen can voice their opinions I will listen and formulate my own I for one do not march with the majority. Lastly Chris did you ever serve?

  4. For once, stop with all the crap about “Liberal Freedom of Speech!, Our U.S. Armed Forces and the veterans there of, did not spill their blood and give up their life, for anyone to voice Pro-Enemy
    Crap!, any American in the time of war against an enemy of their country who voices the same garbage, that spills from their enemy’s mouth, then therefore, they have become that enemy! Ferral might have been in the Marine Corps, but this does not make him a Marine, meaning “Semper Fidelis” (Always faithful), I served in the USMC in 69 in Viet Nam, and 2 brothers from 66 to 70, if Ferral and Sheen had been in Nam in 69, my scope sights would be on them! Call Ferral and Sheen what they are “Cowards and Traitors” who aided and gave comfort to the enemy Iraq!, in closing, Remember, just because you have the right to freedom of speech, does not give you that right to “Cry Fire In A Crowded Theatre” when there is no fire! Enough said. my email address is

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