The Pro-War Surge

Rather than the Bush Administration’s case being a dismal failure, it appears as though the American people now back war by a sizeable majority.

The poll found that 58 percent of Americans said the United Nations was doing a poor job in managing the Iraqi crisis, a jump of 10 points from a month ago. And 55 percent of respondents in the latest poll would support an American invasion of Iraq, even if it was in defiance of a vote of the Security Council.

The article does point out that a majority still support giving inspectors more time. (How about another 7 days for more time?) Still, despite the fact that Bush’s case for action has been less than stellar so far, especially in the last press conference, the American people seem to see that war is inevitable and not nearly as bad as some would have them believe.

Then again, the anti-war movement’s rampant partisanship and connection to groups like ANSWER certainly can’t be helping them either.

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