College Students Say ‘No’ To Anti-War Resolutions

As activists across the nation try to foist anti-war resolutions unto college campuses, several colleges across the nation have already said ‘no’ to such resolutions.

Indiana University Student Association (IUSA) voted down a proposed anti-war resolution by 6-13-9.

Here in Minnesota Gustavus Adolphus College’s Student Senate voted down a similar resolution by a vote of 11-25-1.

Anti-war activists could once count on college students as willing footsoldiers in their activities. Now, it appears as though American college students are unwilling to have themselves represented by the anti-war lobby.

Also, if your college or university has struck down such a resolution, please contact me through the e-mail link on the sidebar so I can get a full list of college and universities that have struck down these resolutions.

3 thoughts on “College Students Say ‘No’ To Anti-War Resolutions

  1. So “several” US campuses have rejected anti-war resolutions? How do these “several” relate to the campuses that have passed such resolutions? I’m just curious. My sense is that you’re trying to manipulate the level of support and opposition towards war on college campuses by only looking at it through the lens of how a few representatives from student senates vote. From what I’ve seen, the sentiment on college campuses across America is resoundingly anti-war. Do you honestly think the 25-11 rejection of an anti-war resolution proportionally represents the sentiments of Gustavus students?

    The councilpersons in the city of Ely found out the hard way that the act of being elected as a councilperson does not necessarily designate you worthy of representing the public sentiment. Could it be that the Gustavus student senate didn’t want to follow in Ely’s footsteps? That they simply viewed that it wasn’t their call to judge the basis of war? Or that even though they opposed the war, they didn’t want to pass a divisive resolution that could be viewed as unsupportive to the troops? My sense is that my scenario is closer to right than the one you are indirectly proposing….that Gustavus students and other college students support waging war on Iraq.

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