The End Of The Road

President Bush has called for a "moment of truth" on Monday in which Saddam Hussein will finally be called to account for his weapons of mass destruction or face war. It is looking like the United States will push for one last vote on the floor of the UN Security Council, however it also appears as though the chances of the UN supporting any military action against Iraq is slim at best. Meanwhile, US forces are prepared to launch an invasion of Iraq, and the level of bombing in the no fly zones has been steadily increasing in preparation for military action.

This is a a truly momentous occasion for the world. It’s time for the diplomatic wrangling to come to an end and for Saddam Hussein to be dealt with. The interests of the world are clear – it is not in anyone’s interest to have a madman armed with the world’s deadliest weapons in any area that is already a political powderkeg. Yet if nations like France and Germany cannot see the risk, then we cannot wait for them before acting. Nor should we allow nations that recieve blood money from the Hussein regime to decide our Middle East policy. We cannot allow the Middle East to burn so that TotalFinaElf can have Iraqi oil.

The protestors will continue to push the usual arguments, that war is always bad, that the US is the greater evil, and that it’s all about oil anyway. When Iraq is liberated, the world will get a deeper glimpse of the hell that is Saddam Hussein’s Iraq and it will likely show who was on the right side of history and who was not.

To all the soldiers and military personnel out there in harm’s way – good luck and godspeed.

Now, let’s roll…

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