The End Of Diplomacy

The Bush Administration has now declared the end of the diplomatic phase for Iraq. The US will not seek a second resolution in the Security Council. President Bush will address the nation at 8:00 EST to present a non-negotiable demand to Saddam Hussein: either leave Iraq in 72 hours, or be destroyed.

While it appears as though a war will be inevitable, there is the chance that Saddam could be toppled in the next 72 hours. Debka has been reporting that Qusay Hussein narrowly survived an assassination attempt this weekend, and there are reports that many in the Iraqi army are ready to lay down arms for the Americans. While Saddam may want to exit in a blaze of glory, the people of Iraq are hardly willing to lay down their lives for that monster.

The chances of an internal coup seem small, but one can always hope. In the absence of that, however, military invasion is the only remaining alternative. Our military is ready, our troops are in position, and all that is required is the go order.

More on the prelude to war as the situation develops.

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