Sheryl Crow Tries To Think, Fails

Sheryl Crow is trying to talk politics again, and this time she even has a reading list.

What Ms. Crow fails to realize is that despite actually attempting to do some research this time, research does not consist entirely of getting a bunch of articles that agree with your worldview. While Ms. Crow has every right to speak out as an American citizen, she is not an expert on international relations. She is an entertainer. Entertainers are paid to entertain, not to act as America’s conscience.

Then again, despite her noble effort, she still gets an F. First of all, it’s Thomas Friedman, not Daniel Friedman. Second of all, poor Cheryl is selling her BMW SUV and driving a hybrid gas/electric car. Bravo to her, but don’t expect the soccer moms of America to pile their families into one of those glorified golf carts quite yet.

Crow suffers from the classic limousine liberal attitude. Being famous does not equate to having any great knowledge of a subject, nor does having good intentions mean that one has the right to dictate what others should be doing. Just because you’re speaking "for the children(tm)" does not mean that your argument is right or even sensible.

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