Blair Wins Support

Prime Minister Tony Blair has overwhelmingly won Parliamentary support for action against Iraq by a vote of 412 to 149, despite the resignation of several Labour cabinet ministers including Robin Cook.

It looks like the major crisis many were predicting for Prime Minister Blair has not happened, and his government will not fall. Instead, what we have seen coming from the UK has been a much wider base of support for action against Iraq than the media would have had the world believe.

It will be good to have our English allies at our side for this conflict.

One thought on “Blair Wins Support

  1. This was very encouraging and presents a more unified Westminster front against Iraq. It should be noted that the Ulster Unionist Party and Democratic Unionist Party members of westminster sided with Blair. The SDLP and Sinn Fein did not. More proof for the plastic paddy’s out there in cyberspace that our real friends in Northern Ireland are the Unionists.

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