4 thoughts on “Blind Man Blix

  1. Did you miss the “if” in the first sentence?

    Or did the Al Samoud’s turn into Scuds mid-flight?

    P.S. (I could be wrong-I haven’t seen any *credible* reports that they were Scuds-yet)

    P.P.S. Although the IDF was down for Jello mold salad for Rachel’s memorial, the tear gas and stun grenades they brought were just as good.

  2. I’d imagine that those missiles were fired from more than 150 km away. Given that some of them landed in the sea near Kuwait, it’s almost a given.

  3. I have nothing but the highest respect for Hans Blix. He has been pressured and wooed by many different special interests, but throughout his rein has kept a steady and impartial investigation. His hands were tied by an incompatent UN, but Blix himself is pure class. Who says Sweden is obsolete?

  4. A quick look at the map will show there’s a spot where the distance between Iraq, Kuwait, and the Sea is zero.

    The shooting the longest way you could find is..about 130 km.

    Don’t you even try to be accurate? First you distort Blix’s words, then you just make shit up.

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