3 thoughts on “France Refuses To Accept Liberated Iraq

  1. “In other words, Chirac will not support the humanitarian efforts to rebuild Iraq because he didn’t get his way.”

    That’s the stupidest thing I’ve ever heard. Score one for your arrogance.

  2. That is indeed in my top 5 of stupidest things ever said.
    I think it is your arrogance that is beyond comprehension.
    Chirac doesn’t want to acknowledge a US/UK administration of Iraq because it isn’t right for the US/UK to go invade a country and then rule it. The UN has not given them permission to attack (read 1441, it doesn’t grant security council permission to any country for any action) much less the authority to rule what will be left after the “blitzkrieg”.
    But I’m sure you are of Tom Brokaw’s opinion “We don’t want to destroy the infrastructure of Iraq because in a few days we’re gonna own that country.”…
    So much for liberating the iraqi people…
    Operation Iraqi Liberty = OIL
    ok then…let’s change that name before anybody realizes…Operation Iraqi Freedom…yea whatever…

  3. it is indeed very arrogant to think that all human being are equal, and that you can speak with another when you’re just a fucking non-american(=loser)
    who care about what the president of france say.he’s just leading an undeveloped country with no experience of this kind of situation.
    not like W.this guy knows how it goes: he used to own a baseball team!

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