The Jacksonian Media

Sgt. Stryker has some words of praise for the media on Iraq, especially the embedded reporters. It looks like that the concept of embedding have given reporters a real sense of what war is like. When it’s their asses on the line, they realize that pointless regulations and restrictions on warfare get people killed.

Dan Abrams of MSNBC is pissed. It’s kind of wierd to see a television anchorman displaying frustration and disbelief at certain things going on. The whole thing about the Iraqis dressing in civilian clothes and shooting from protected sites has really stuck in his craw. First he hammered Gen. Trainer about it, and the General explained LOAC and all that good stuf, but Abrams just wasn’t buying it. It looked to me that he just wanted to blurt out, "Why can’t we blow up that mosque, if they’re killing Marines?"

The Jacksonian impulse in America seems to be running even stronger the more the Iraqis try to humiliate us:

The POW/Executions. Al-Jazeera was jizzing all over itself showing the tape over and over again before finally pulling it. The American media didn’t show it, but you can tell many of the newscasters saw it. There’s a sharpness to their tone that wasn’t there before. Hey Al-Jazeera: If your intention was to royally piss-off just about everyone and harden their resolve to a near-granite state, you’ve done it in spades.

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