More Perspective

Ralph Peters has a good editorial in the NY Post on the state of the war. The major media outlets do seem to be hyping up each engagement of the war as if the US were about to be routed from Iraq.

Except despite Iraqi resistance, the US continue to roll towards Baghdad. The Iraqi people have only shown support for Saddam when his death squads are within earshot. For many of them, their largest fear is that the US will fail to finish the job as they did in 1991.

Despite the negativity of the media (especially the European media, who have been desperately trying to spin the war as being a failure) it is clear that significant progress is being made. Baghdad will be a difficult battle, but we still possess overwhelming advantages in air superiority, technology, and most importantly training.

There are those who have a vested interest in seeing America fail at this mission. There are those who have the worldview that American power is worse even than the specter of Islamic fundamentalism. They want America to be bloodied and humbled in Iraq.

Too bad for them we’re not going to endulge them.

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