2 thoughts on “The Canadan Street

  1. You’re like the Americanized Al-Jazeera. You only report news that supports your cause and ignore the widespread global opposition to the war, and the fact that things are not going particularly well at all for America and its ally. I guess if focusing on 4,000 Canadians expressing support for this war helps you forget these pesky realities, more power to you. I’m just glad I’m not dependent on the fictional news you present or I’d share your misconceptions as well…and it’s always nice to have at least some people around operating on planet Earth.

  2. 4.000…WOW!!!
    everyone on earth was there! this is the most amazing reunion I’ve ever heard about!!(besides 1 million in London, 500.000 in Paris, 450.000 in Rome…)

    clap clap for Mark’s remarks

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