Peter Arnett Canned

NBC has fired reporter Peter Arnett for stating on Iraqi TV that US war plans have
"failed because of Iraqi resistance…"

Arnett and his ilk seem to want that to be true. They want the United States to emerge from Iraq beaten and humbled. Of course, that ignores the fact that the media celebrates the concept of freedom of the press – a concept that does not exist in the Arab world.

My reaction: f*ck ’em. Let him see the wonderful press freedom of Iraq firsthand. Leave him in Baghdad where he can remain as a stooge of the Iraqi state.

4 thoughts on “Peter Arnett Canned

  1. Arnett and his ilk want to see America beaten? Not likely. Humbled perhaps, but not if it takes military defeat to achieve that. Arnett was clearly way out of line with his words and actions, although the first ten days of this war have not gone anything the way the administration and war mongers such as yourself would have liked us to believe it would have. Does that mean the war has been a “failure”? No, at least not the military campaign. The worldview supporting this war and the “my way or the highway” diplomacy employed before combat began made the war a failure long before the first bomb was dropped, however.

    I certainly think Arnett crossed the line, but your usual attempts to bully dissenting viewpoints into submission by telling them “try expressing opposing views in Iraq!” fall desperately short of a rational retort. The things you and your “ilk” justify because you’re waving an American flag as you say them will always be more divisive and destructive to the values of democracy and freedom than what Arnett got fired for doing.

  2. “war plans were a failure” is not “The first war plan has failed because of Iraqi resistance…”

    Could you at least try to tell the truth? What is between quote marks must be exactly as spoken.

    Shit like this is why Repubs got away with Al Gore saying he “invented” the internet. (He never said that).

    Like when Ronald Reagan stood before the wall and famously said, “Mr. Sharon, tear down this wall.” Or something like that.

  3. Stooge of Iraqi State? Just remember.. ignorance coupled with arrogance is a deadly combination. The disaster is waiting to happen for America and unfortunately, us Americans. For every Iraqi killed, the Arabs will kill atleast a hundred Americans. Even then, you won’t a learn a lesson. So sad. You are nothing but a Jewish puppet.. whether you know it or not… Bravo Peter Arnett.

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