Don’t Believe Your Own Propaganda

An Iraqi Republican Guard General came to a rather ignominious end at a Marine Corps roadblock in Baghdad.

Maj. Gen. Sufian al Tikriti left Baghdad on Sunday in a white Toyota sedan, in uniform and alone except for a chauffeur.

Just outside the city, the Republican Guard general came upon a Marine Corps roadblock, where he died.

His sudden death, and a great deal of other evidence, suggests how little Iraq’s military knows about the whereabouts and movements of the U.S. and British soldiers who invaded their country three weeks ago.

"I think they are basically clueless," said a senior officer of the 1st Marine Expeditionary Force (IMEF). "They have no situational awareness," he said, using the military term for knowing the locations of friendly and enemy forces.

The Iraqi military is hardly a group to be feared. Even when they try the kind of hit-and-run tactics that many pundits feared they usually end up being slaughtered by the better firepower and training of the US military. The idea of Baghdad being Stalingrad seems almost absurd when juxtaposed with the images of US tanks on the bridges over the Tigris.

Such idiocy is hardly surprising from a regime that is built upon a series of bolder and bolder lies. Anyone smart enough to see through the Hussein regime’s transparent bluster was long ago put up against a wall and shot or sent to a political prison. The only ones left to defend the country are the kind of idiots who would cling to Saddam despite the encroachment of the most powerful military force in human history.

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One thought on “Don’t Believe Your Own Propaganda

  1. as you say:
    “The Iraqi military is hardly a group to be feared”
    can you remind me the reason why the US invaded Irak again? wasn’t it because this country was a big threat?
    well maybe that is just the same propaganda as your other article talking about “discoveries of missiles loaded sarin gas”…no one else ever heard about those but you! (and the US army of course)

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