History’s Losers

The Herald Sun has an appropriately scathing editorial that blasts the peace movement for their support of Ba’athist tyranny in Iraq. The "Not In My Name" crowd and others have been conspicious in their silence lately – which is welcome, but it would be nice to have a reminder of who stood for liberation and who would have done nothing.

Saddam is gone, and his worst weapons will be found and destroyed. His people have lost a tyrant. Terrorists have lost a sponsor. Iraq’s neighbours have lost a threat. Dictators elsewhere have lost sleep. And to all this, our anti-war protesters said: Not In Our Name.

It is astonishing that so many Australians — including most of the people who preach and teach — tried so hard to stop all this from happening, by resisting the only means we had left of ending Saddam’s evil.

How is it that people priding themselves on morality in fact aided a genocidal killer, and not his victims? How is it they now watch Iraqis celebrate their liberation, and feel . . . sad?

My guess is because the anti-war movement was never about the people of Iraq and their freedom – it was all about petty political squabbles and showing "dissent" by accusing President Bush of being everything from a monkey to Hitler. After all, to many on the left it’s better that 20 million live in a hellish totalitarian state than have America become powerful.

One thought on “History’s Losers

  1. The war was never REALLY about the people of Iraq and their freedom either. It was never even discussed until about three months ago when it suddenly became the focal point of the war, after every other justification for war Bush tried failed to stick.

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