Wrong Again

Instapundit finds German anti-American groups eating crow. All those who predicted the mass genocide of the Iraqi people or 200,000 casualties were not even close to the mark. Instead, even the largest estimates of civilian casualties in Iraq at less than 2,000, and most found only 1,000-1,500. While civilian casualties are horrendous things, considering the number of Iraqis lives that were saved from certain death at the hands of Hussein’s Ba’athist thugs, US action probably saved many more lives than were lost.

The anti-American forces abroad and at home are so twisted with hatred over George W. Bush that it’s pushed them over the edge. I cannot count how many times people who should know better tried to convince me that Bush would bomb an orphanage just because he could. Clearly it appears that Bush was acting in a far more moral way than others who were happy to take Saddam’s blood money while ignoring the tens of thousands of murdered Iraqis.

Just don’t expect an apology from that sort, just more revisionism, libel, and lies.

One thought on “Wrong Again

  1. As is proven with each passing hour in Iraq, the body count continues to rise and is far from over. I’m not in the business of predicting outcomes of foreign policy endeavors and I believe that many of those you accuse of doing so were merely throwing open a series of possible consequences while people like yourself were merely waving flags, intent to blindly follow Bush down a yellow brick road that led straight to hell rather than raise any questions about the legitimacy of ANYTHING on his foreign policy agenda. Even if they were wrong in their predictions (which time will bear out as our occupation grates on more and more nerves with each passing day), I have far more respect for people like them than people who merely wrap themselves in the American flag and drink their Kool-Aid as ordered.

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