The Sanctions Lie

Another myth about Iraq has been exploded as Iraqi doctors are now admitting that it was Saddam, not sanctions, that killed thousands of Iraqi children.

Under the sanctions regime, "We had the ability to get all the drugs we needed," said Ibn Al-Baladi’s chief resident, Dr. Hussein Shihab. "Instead of that, Saddam Hussein spent all the money on his military force and put all the fault on the USA. Yes, of course the sanctions hurt – but not too much, because we are a rich country and we have the ability to get everything we can by money. But instead, he spent it on his palaces."

Of course, the blame-America-first crowd will continue to recite the usual litany of how sanctions killed hundreds of thousands of Iraqis while bemoaning the end of the real cause of those deaths. Then again, such little things as truth and real justice often take a backseat to anti-Americanism in the minds of many of Saddam’s former useful idiots.

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