Tehran Confirms Iraqi WMD

The Iranian government is stating that their intelligence also confirmed that Iraq possessed weapons of mass destruction. Sources within the Iranian government have confirmed that Iraq had hidden the program from the UN, but the sources did not know where the weapons had gone.

So, the left is criticizing the President for "lying" about Iraq’s weapons of mass destruction when President Clinton, the UN, every Western intelligence service, and now Iran have all stated that these weapons did exist. Despite the fact that the identified sites have turned up empty it does not mean that the weapons never existed. It would be surprising if the weapons did turn up where they were supposed to be. The Iraqis had months to thoroughly hide their unconventional arsenal. Finding these weapons is like finding a needle in a haystack. Of course, that won’t prevent the usual anti-Bush ideologues from making a rapid rush to judgement despite the reality of the situation.

2 thoughts on “Tehran Confirms Iraqi WMD

  1. You’ve officially hit bottom with your desperation save-the-Bushes campaign. Yesterday, Iran was one head on a three-headed monster known as the Axis of Evil that was just as bad as its Siamese twin, Iraq. Today, you tell us to forget about that (and Iran’s ongoing rivalry with Iraq) and to accept the word of “Iranian intelligence” that supports the claims Bush is making. Dude, you need help!! I strongly suggest you get it.

  2. Oh please, lay off the false logic. I don’t like the Iranian government, I’d like to see them go, but they would also be in a position to know about the extent of their former enemy’s weapons programs. After all, they’ve been on the receiving end of Iraq’s WMDs in the 1980s.

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