The Right Of Self-Defense

President Bush has made a major mistake in criticizing Israeli attempts to strike against the terrorist group Hamas. The Israelis launched a rocket attack against a key leader of the terrorist group in the Gaza Strip.

President Bush is arguing that the attack will make the peace process more difficult. What Bush needs to remember is that the peace process cannot proceed as long as Hamas exists as a viable force. The only way in which that can happen is if Hamas is systematically weakened in terms of their military strength. We have learned the lessons in Afghanistan and Iraq that terrorist groups respect power above all, and if Israel is kept from protecting itself it will only invite more attack.

President Bush has been exemplary in waging the United States’ war on terror. Now he must not act in such a way as to undermine Prime Minister Sharon’s own war on terrorism. Groups like Hamas are dead-set against peace with Israel, and as long as they feel that they have the upper hand, more attacks will continue.

2 thoughts on “The Right Of Self-Defense

  1. Yes, lets kill, far more often than not, completely innocent Palestinians to show those dirty terrorists who’s boss. Yeah, they’ll respect that.

    Hah. They didn’t even get the guy. I’m sure the families and friends of the three dead and 30 wounded will appreciate that. What is it that motivates people to join such terrorist groups again? I forgot…

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