Thin-Skinned Liberals

Jesse at Pendragon gets his knickers in a bunch over an ESPN columnist pointing out that Hillary didn’t actually write her book. I calls it "the greatest example of wingnuttery this side of the AM dial". What he never even attempts to dispute are the facts of Mr. Easterbrook’s case. It’s clear that Hillary Clinton did not write Living History. She could not have unless there’s a cloned Hillary out making personal appearances for her.

Of course, such criticisms go against the Cult of Bill that has taken over the Democratic Party and has found a home in the liberal blogosphere. Any criticism of Clinton is apostasy to these people, despite the fact that Bill and Hillary Clinton have both been caught making red-faced lies to the American people time and time again. If you believe Hillary that she had no idea that Bill was cheating on her before August of 1998, then Hillary Clinton was clearly living in a state of deep denial. If she knew, and there’s ample evidence to suggest that a woman with the brains and ambition of the Senator would most certainly have, then her book is perpetrating a falsehood.

Of course the usual crowd will condemn me for going against the Sacred Ones From Arkansas who could do no wrong while clutching their Gospel According to Sidney which tells how the Great Ones were falsely accused by the Evil Republicans and the Vast Right-Wing Conspiracy.

Then again, the longer the Clintons are around, and the more press they get, the more they have a chance to sabotage the Democrats in 2004 and steal all the media time from the campaign. In that case, let’s hope that Hillary’s book stays at the top for a good long time.

2 thoughts on “Thin-Skinned Liberals

  1. A tip for your future thickheaded editorials. If you’re trying to portray your opposition as obsessed with someone or something, it’s probably best not to saturate your writing with acid-tongued, gasoline-soaked rhetoric of your own when condemning that person or thing. Your hatred for Clinton is every bit as visible as the hatred many on the left feel for Bush. I at least have the honesty to admit I despise Bush, but you could never muster up enough integrity to admit your own hatred for Clinton. Like most of the people who committed more than eight years of their lives to taking down Bill Clinton, I’m sure you were dancing in the streets the day his dog was flattened by a motorist in suburban New York…and are eagerly awaiting news of a similar accident to befall Chelsea.

  2. I accused the Clintons of lying. It’s no more "gasoline-soaked" than calling a spade a spade. Either Hillary is incredibly naive (which she clearly is not) or lying. Pointing that out has nothing to do with hatred and everything to do with pointing out the blatant truth.

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