Freedom For Burma

Sen. John McCain makes a powerful argument that Southeast Asian nations should do more to combat the horrible human rights abuses in Burma. The ruling Burmese junta has created one of the world’s most oppressive governments and are holding Aung San Suu Kyi, a Nobel Peace Prize winner and democratic activist, under arrest.

Secretary Powell should make Burma a centerpiece of his trip to Southeast Asia. The United States must stand for the freedom of people across the world – not only in Iraq, but in Burma, Zimbabwe, and all other nations where totalitarianism has found refuge. We can no longer afford to live in an insular world where we have the luxury to pretend that such issues no longer effect us. We must leverage our power as we realistical can, not only militarily, but economically, and politically as well.

4 thoughts on “Freedom For Burma

  1. Yes, technically the official name of the country is Myanmar. However, Burma is still in common usage. (Although if I should start referring to Istanbul as Constantinople, then I have really lost it.)

  2. Now Mark when you call it Myanmar you are conceding to the legitimacy of the military junta. This regime which overthrew a democratically elected government renamed it that. The people are Burmese by their own definiton and they do not call their county Myanmar. I have heard you level many comments attacking the owner of this site for his consistency. In this instance it is you who are guilty of the highest form of moral hypocrisy when you insist on calling Burma as Myanmar. It goes against alot of your human rights rhetoric you have posted on these forums in the past.

  3. Justin Paul, it’s kind of an inside joke. That line was used in Seinfeld back in the day. It was intended to merely be a lighthearted response.

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