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  1. They’re absolutely right. The fact that Minnesota has sunk to the point where it’s even considering toll roads should be seen as nothing less than an act of treason. For taxpayers to foot the bill of a road that is then open to the highest bidder instead of them is indicative of a state that’s at the swirl before the drain of moral bankruptcy.

    It’s interesting to see the pro-toll road statements from the mouths of the Texas expatriates. Hard to understand why these people, and thousands of other Texans, would bother migrating a thousand miles north if Texas is really the right-wing utopia they constantly claim it is.

    If highway privatization is now deemed acceptable by Minnesota Repubicans, it’ll only be a matter of time until my prediction of sidewalk privatization is proposed. We’ll probably see toll stations and wooden barriers at every Minnesota crosswalk in another couple years if current trends continue. Who could have believed the writers and directors of the RoboCop movies would have had such tremendous insight to the Republican party platform of 2003 back in 1987?

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