Breaking Wind

The same people who accuse SUV owners of aiding terrorists from their million-dollar homes are trying to kill a plan to put wind turbines near Martha’s Vinyard. Such leftist celebrities such as Walter Cronkite and Robert Kennedy are decrying the plan to place turbines offshore of the rich vacation spot.

This is a perfect example of limousine-liberal hypocrisy in action. Of course it’s fine to impose burdens on the rest of the country in the name of the environment, but heaven help anyone who messes with the views from their summer stomping grounds. It’s fine for them to fly their private jets, drive their expensive SUVs, and live far from the rest of the hoi polloi but the people in flyover country can go to hell in their eyes.

Here’s hoping the plan not only goes through, but I’d love to see the turbines arranged in a giant middle finger pointed directly at Martha’s Vineyard. If they’re so adament about a clean environment, they had damn well better by willing to bear such a miniscule share of it.

4 thoughts on “Breaking Wind

  1. There’s no doubt that Hollywood-type liberals are annoying hypocrites, and this is a good example. Nonetheless, the statement that people driving SUV’s are helping to finance terrorism is a fair analogy….at least when compared to the government’s absurd claim that drug use finances terrorism. Osama bin Laden didn’t make his fortune off of drugs, and our disjointed and inconsistent Middle Eastern policy is proof enough that oil is the most addictive and mind-altering drug of them all. I don’t personally care if someone thinks they should drive an SUV, but it’s fair to point out to them that they’re waging an act of environmental terrorism at the same time and filling the piggy banks of political terrorists who have their hands in the oil market around the world, especially when the soccer moms of America driving around in their SUV’s, alongside of George Bush and Dick Cheney, are gonna wag their righteous fingers at pot smokers for financing the murder of Americans. Conservatives would like to have it both ways on alot of issues to accomodate their rhetorical hypocrisy, but there’s no such thing a two-headed coin.

  2. And you would oppose it too Jay, if they wanted it in your backyard, as would I probably. We can only hope they do it anyway.

  3. I sure wouldn’t oppose wind turbines put up in my backyard. Property owners who see turbines placed on their land get nice residual checks from them. A bunch of poor farmers in the windy Buffalo Ridge of southwest Minnesota have been able to enjoy a retirement because of the revenue generated by the generators has become more profitable than trying to plant corn or soybeans in Lincoln County’s third-rate farmland.

  4. Actually, Al, your backyard would be the perfect place for some wind turbines… considering you live in rural Iowa now…

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