2 thoughts on “Iraq Defeats The US… No, Really

  1. Our real soccer team has surrendered on French soil with losses to Turkey and Brazil and a draw to Cameroon. Shame that.. I was looking forward to a French/American Confederations Cup final. It would have been nice to see Henry, Trezeguet, Zidane and Co. crush the Yanks at the Stade de France. Oh well.. that dream was crushed by our football incompatence.. let’s stick to American Football, since no one else plays it we can claim to be world champs without putting anything on the line. Yes I am being snarky here.. but hey I am a huge soccer fan so forgive me.

    BTW.. Iraq is a pretty decent soccer nation. They had a club team (Al Talaba) that made it to the final 16 of this past year’s Asia Champions League, and Iraq’s national team has done well in West Asia. Still it is the high profile leagues in Saudi Arabia, the UAE and Qatar that are attracting a lot of veteran stars with name quality (George Weah, Frank Lebouef, Romario, etc..). Maybe a benefit of Iraqi Liberation will be to get a a domestic soccer league with some high profile foreign talent!!

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