Qusay And Uday Dead?

Intelligence analysts and ground forces are scrambling to confirm that Saddam’s brutal and bloodthirsty sons Qusay and Uday may have been killed in Mosul during a raid conducted by the 101st Airborne Division.

The killing of Saddam’s sons, some of the most sadistic killers in the regime, would be a major win for the coalition, that is still hunting for Saddam Hussein himself. The killing of Qusay and Uday Hussein would ensure that two of the most reprehensible war criminals in the Iraq regime will never again be able to threaten the Iraqi people again.

If or when they are identified, they should be sown into pigskins and displayed publically in Baghdad as a warning to those who would attempt to use terrorism against the people of Iraq.

9 thoughts on “Qusay And Uday Dead?

  1. The 2 need to be taken to the town square and taken apart by there fellow Iraqis. Id love to Kick the fuckers even if they are dead….I want to catch Saddam myself, beat and dismember him andwatch him die slowly and in public!!

  2. wtf, poor boys, if i was over there right now in the Marines i would have been overjoyed to have the honor of taking those pieces of bottomless trash out, especially saddam. lol i would probably like to do the same thing to saddam as todd.

  3. they deserved to die. to bad it was quick tho. they should have suffered
    i thinl that they deserved more. much much more.

  4. Hello Jay,

    This (your?) website is a waste of bandwidth. I know that you already understand this..but I thought I’d post it so some of your less educated fans could see the truth in print.



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