Gutlessness Defined

The Democrats are launching another deceptive attack ad on the President that quotes him out of context. It’s rather disingenious to attack someone for lying by lying yourself.

What makes this move even more gutless is that it is being run in one place – Madison, WI. Madison is a town that is so liberal that the birds have two left wings. In other words, the Democrats are preaching to the choir. It’s unlikely that the ad is going to change any minds, considering that Madison is more rabidly dogmatic than the Vatican and wouldn’t vote for God if he ran as a Republican.

It’s a gutless and misleading ads that distorts the President’s statement and continues the brazen lie that the Niger information and the British information were one and the same. Again, they’re entirely separate.

The Democrats are running on a platform of venom towards Bush. It’s a strategy that killed them in 1972 and 1984, and there’s little doubt it will be as disastrous now as it was then. Then again, it couldn’t happen to a nicer group of people.

4 thoughts on “Gutlessness Defined

  1. Bush’s embarrassing incompetence is now on full display in every front…foreign policy, the economy, the budget, and character. His poll numbers are quickly plunging to pre 9-11 status, and deservedly so. To suggest at this point that it’s the Democrats who are in trouble is a typically comical chapter out of the thickest book in the world, GOP’s Fables and Fairy Tales.

    As for the ad being run in Madison, that actually could work well. Preaching to the choir is tantamount to firing up the troops in this case, and could produce bountiful fundraising results. Showing this ad in the Dallas-Fort Worth area would likely offend more people than it would impress, meaning its effectiveness would be minimized.

    Also interesting is how Madison, this awful left-wing bastion, consistently ranks among the top-five cities in the nation for quality of life. I wonder what these clueless liberals are doing right that all-knowing conservatives in Birmingham, Oklahoma City and Cincinnati haven’t managed to pull off.

  2. “selon une enquête de l’institut Zogby International, les Américains sont plus nombreux à se prononcer contre sa (W.Bush) réélection que le contraire. Ils sont 47 % à vouloir le voir partir, contre 46 % à estimer qu’il doit conserver son poste.”

    for those who don’t read french (unlike jay!), 47% of americans want W to leave, against 46% wanting him to stay in charge.
    that is a short advantage, but in comparison with last months…
    that’s the good thing about W: you don’t need to ridiculize him, he’s doing a good job by himself!!
    for example: in order to prove that there were reasons to attack Irak, he ordered a file to be declassified: result: the experts say there was nothing in the file requesting to attack. Moreover: the file revealed that air attacks from US and UK planes from 1999 until 2003, that were said to be in response to iraqis’planes violation of foreign air-space, were real attacks on command centers, in preparation of GWII !!!
    The WMDs issue was not only an excuse as Mr Wolfowitz stated, it was a cover for a plan prepared for years!
    did I heard 48? (%)

  3. The attacks on the no-fly zones in Iraq were to remove command and control and anti-air missile batteries that were shooting at coalition aircraft.

    Furthermore, the no-fly zones were designed to prevent the Iraqis from slaughtering southern Shi’as and northern Kurds. Had they not been there, millions of people would have been massacred by Iraqi helicopters and aircraft.

    Not that the French would have minded… what’s a few more dead Iraqis do them when Saddam Hussein was such a loyal customer?

  4. you’re so right: corporate interest can make anyone turn into a blind friend even when dealing with a dictator. customer loyalty…is this part of western/universal values?
    (non-westerners must be very glad to see their values be kicked out of the humanity universalism)

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