BloGTK Nearing Release

This post is being written with my new blog client for Linux (or any OS that supports Python and GTK) called, appropriately enough, BloGTK. The current version will allow users to post Movable Type entries from Linux without needing to open a new web browser. So far it supports Unicode text entry, cut and paste, and other nifty functions. It’s a bit on the crude side right now, but now that I know what I’m doing it should be easier to add new features. This is only the second standalone blog client for Linux, the first being Eliot Landrum’s exaro blog client.

Look for more information on BloGTK coming very soon, including the release of the first version.

UPDATE: BloGTK Version 0.1 is released!

UPDATE: The official BloGTK web site can be found here.

2 thoughts on “BloGTK Nearing Release

  1. Hi!
    I found this page following your adress on BloGTK main page.
    I’d like to use your client but I am not able to install it. I am a newbie so I hope you can help me.
    I use Mandrake 9.1 an I found (using python-glade just for debian (I guess). Secondly, I cannot understand the readme of pygtk 2.0 where it says to do “./configure –prefix=” I make “./configure –prefix=/usr/bin” and then make and then make install. It seems to me that all works but when I run ./ I have the message: “Traceback (most recent call last):
    File “./”, line 8, in ?
    import pygtk
    ImportError: No module named pygtk”
    Surely, as I said above I miss python-glade, but what else?
    Please help me.

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