The Swedes Find A Smoking Gun?

Glenn Reynolds has a tantalizing bit about a group of Swedish researchers who claim to have found WMDs in Iraq. Now, something about this smells just a little fishy about this, but it’s still within the realm of possibility.

Also, Reynolds finds this interesting little tidbit from the Times of London:

David Kelly, the British weapons expert at the centre of the Iraq dossier row, had amassed firm evidence to show that Saddam Hussein built and tested a "dirty bomb."

Designed to cause cancer and birth defects, the radiological weapon could have been used by terrorists to create panic and widespread contamination in a crowded city.

Kelly, who committed suicide last month, presented evidence of the bomb to the government in 1995 and recommended to Foreign Office officials that it feature in the government’s intelligence dossier on Iraq. However, despite secret Iraqi documents being produced to prove its existence, it was not included. . . .

Iraq’s dirty bomb was made from a material called radioactive zirconium which was packed into a bomb casing with high explosives. Iraq had access to zirconium stored at its Al-Tarmiya reactor site – under United Nations safeguards – ostensibly for use in its peaceful nuclear power program.

Again, take this information with a grain of salt, but it does indicate that the search for banned WMDs in Iraq is ongoing. It’s a big country, and there’s any number of places to hide WMDs. Sooner or later either significant documentary evidence or the weapons themselves will be found, and then the full scope of Saddam’s illicit arsenal will be revealed.

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