Jerry Springer Won’t Run

Television shlock jock Jerry Springer has just announced that he will not be running for the Senate in Ohio, as he fears that his connection to his show will hurt his ability to get his message across. (Translation: he realized that his negative opinion numbers mean that there’s no chance in hell he could win. A recent poll had his negative number running around 70%.)

I’m sure all the neo-Nazi midget strippers who had been abducted by aliens and forced to endure Beta-Reticulan dieting techniques will be terrifically disappointed that their man won’t be in the Senate race. Springer’s false populism was as sickening as his trashy show, and his hasty exit from politics is a good thing for the state of Ohio and the nation at large.

7 thoughts on “Jerry Springer Won’t Run

  1. Good. Springer’s absence from the race will leave the door open for a better Democrat to challenge the vulnerable Voinovich, who made a fool out of himself and the people of Ohio by assuring his steadfast opposition of the latest Bush tax cut, enduring a relentless public campaign of slander and accusations of treason from the Republican party, and then ultimately buckling under the administration’s steel-toed jackboot and signing the tax cut. Ohio’s economy is among the worst in the nation and Voinovich will have alot of explaining to do to justify next year’s likely 13-figure deficit that he was the deciding vote in engineering.

  2. Ohio’s economy is among the worst in the nation

    …largely due to the alliance of Democrats and big union Democrats that combined to make recovery from the decline of Big Steel nearly impossible.

    Ohio is our own little Chelyabinsk.

  3. Right. The non-union disciples of Enron and WorldCom are so much better off having put their blind faith in the bossman to cover their behinds. Considering that the hemorrhaging of blue-collar jobs in the past three years has been highest among non-union slobs in the Carolinas, the long-held theory that playing the cowboy in an unorganized workplace has proven itself false. Unions themselves won’t be able to stop the Grim Reaper of globalization from devastating the American workforce, so I’m not gonna tell you they’re a cure-all at this point. At the same time, you’re gonna have a hard time keeping up the charade that unions are causing economic meltdown and job defections as more unorganized white-collar workers and blue-collar Southerners see their jobs evaporate despite lifelong allegiance to the company and lifelong resistance to unionization.

  4. OK, and even if I give you every single one of those points (and why not, since they’re a non-sequitir), they don’t change my point one iota.

  5. Your “point” is a one-dimensional platitude, suggesting that it’s unions, rather than an economy experiencing a natural downward shift that’s compounded by trade policy that provides incentive to pursue the cheapest labor the world offers, that’s responsible for Ohio’s unemployment. Your “point” further infers that it’s unions, not the inability of working-class Ohio cities to transition from a manufacturing economy to a new-industry economy because of the limited educations of its blue-collar population, is responsible for Ohio’s slow transition into the new economy. Republicans are always able to produce simple answers to complex problems and always able to deliver an artificial enemy to the public even if basic logic deems your analysis faulty. Given that emphasis on the simple has won you guys so many votes over the years, I must admit to admiring the approach in an “evil genius” sort of way.

  6. Beyond that, Mitch, good buddy, somebody apparently forgot to inform you that this almighty Democratic Party-union thug alliance in Ohio hasn’t occurred anytime in recent memory. Ohio has been a Republican state for years and the GOP currently controls both Senate seats as well as the Governorship and both branches of the Legislature. I guess you must have written about the tyranny of the Democrats and unions that’s grinding the Ohio economy into dust when you were sleepwalking last night. Hopefully, you’ll be better able to tell fact from fiction now that your conscious.

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