Patronizing Pelosi

Congressional Democrats are chafing against Nanci Pelosi’s condescending marching orders to Democrats.

House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi (Calif.) made sure Democrats left for their home districts armed with a recess brief full of suggested talking points to bolster her party’s national prospects.

So far, so normal.

But her recess packet also includes detailed instructions on how to throw a local party—a 38th birthday bash for Medicare.

The minute instructions have raised concerns among Democratic aides and lobbyists that Pelosi is developing a didactic style that can be too patronizing to be helpful.

Then again, what can you expect from a politician who fervently believes that people are too stupid to run their own lives without the guidance of career politicians like her? Congressional Democrats are getting a taste of their own arrogance, and that’s just a drop in the bucket compared to the kind of intrusive and didactic regulations they put on small business owners and regular citizens every day.

6 thoughts on “Patronizing Pelosi

  1. The financial success stories of small businesses that provides goods or services that are in actual demand suggests that the oppression and tyranny that small business owners are living under exists primarily in your mind.

  2. Uh…yeah…sure. That’s a real smooth-flowing analogy.

    If Congress is filled with 535 Nancy Pelosis, small businesses that can compete in the marketplace will continue to compete. Those that can’t will close their doors and too often point the finger at government as their undoing instead of failure to capture the interest of consumers with the products or services they’re peddling. Essentially, a government overseen by Nancy Pelosi would see the same scenario related to small businesses as we’re seeing now with a government overseen by George Bush, Bill Frist and Tom DeLay. The marketplace determines whether small businesses succeed or fail. If there’s a legitimate market for the services a small business provides, they will be able to overcome any level of government red tape that may exist to tap into that market and reap the profits. If government red tape alone is enough to drive a small business under, it’s almost a given that the business’ services are not in that great of demand by the potential customer base or else they’d find a way to get around the red tape and make money.

  3. You could have saved a lot of words and just said "let them eat cake"

    Thanks for expressing your utter lack of concern for the 50% of American workers employed by small business.

  4. Do you suppose it’s possible that someone could embrace a position that falls somewhere between rooting for small businesses to fail and an ideology where all legislation must prop up small businesses even if doing so fails to meet other vital needs of a functional society?

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