Arnold Terminating Cruz?

Yet another poll on the California recall race shows Arnold Schwarzenegger up by 16 points against Lt. Gov. Cruz Bustamante. This poll was conducted by KABC in Los Angeles.

I’m not particularly inclined to believe this poll, either. Most polls show Arnold with a slight lead over Bustamante, but not the kind of wide margins that this KABC poll shows. Support for the recall remains above 50%, with many Democrats also supporting the recall of Gray Davis.

This election is difficult to judge because voters only have weeks rather than months to gauge candidates. However, the race is going to be an interesting one nevertheless. Schwarzenegger will have to pick up moderate voters, as McClintock and Ueberroth are going to take from his potential conservative voting pool. However, as with Nader in 2000, many potential voters for minor candidates like McClintock and Ueberroth may defect to the Schwarzenegger camp rather than risk spoiling the election.

Schwarzenegger has cemented his position as a fiscal conservative and a social liberal, and his stances on gun control, abortion, and drugs may be enough to pull some left-of-center voters from the Democrats. However, Schwarzenegger has to walk a very fine line – to far to the left and he may lose the conservative base, to far to the right on social issues, and he may lose the larger pool of moderates he needs to win. However, with the team that he’s assembled and the media buzz that surrounds him, the chances of Schwarzenegger terminating his opponents is still fairly high.

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  1. What I really love about Arnold is his support for good ol’ Christian values, like gay marriage, which he feels should be just between a man and a woman.

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