Good News For The GOP

Howard Dean now has a 21-point lead over John Kerry in New Hampshire according to a Zogby poll of 501 likely primary voters.

Dean has essentially sucked the wind from the rest of the Democratic field by his constant throwing of red meat to Democratic activists. Even Kerry is starting to sound like a pale imitation of Dean these days.

This is welcome news for the GOP, as Dean is running to left of even his own record. His proposals are nothing more than more taxes on the middle class, military weakness, and a socialized health care system that would send prices skyrocketing and service falling. Furthermore, Dean’s natural arrogance and hair-thin temper must have Karl Rove salivating. Dean plays well in a crowd that already agrees with Dean, but his combination of leftist policy and personal arrogance will doom him with a more hostile electorate.

4 thoughts on “Good News For The GOP

  1. We gotta make sure that Dean guy doesn’t get elected if it means “health care prices will skyrocket and service will fail”. Our current system of corporate socialized medicine is working so gosh darn well, it’s hard to imagine anyone would think we should change course. I’m sure that our current privately-funded health care system with costs rising 17-25% annually on the backs of employers (and yes, even the selfless martyrous small business owner demigods) is gonna make “growing the economy and job creation” as easy, breezy and painless as you continually say it is.

    I do believe Dean is a losing hand for the Dems and I seriously hope that primary voters realize it before he becomes the nominee. Otherwise, even a candidate going in with disastrous credentials like George Bush could win as a perceived “lesser of two evils” in this right-wing country…much like Gray Davis beat the unelectable Bill Simon last year in the California Governor’s race.

  2. You’re correct that health care costs are spiralling out of control, but it is due to the fact that our medical system is hampered by a system of regulation that stifiles that raises costs for everyone. Our medicare system is horrendously broken, and we need a system that keeps costs low for everyone.

    Of course, that means the word that brings fear to every Democrat’s heart: "reform"…

  3. The word “reform,” when spoken by a Republican, can almost always be directly associated with a loss of quality of life for Joe Citizen. Whether it be overtime policy, clean air rules or health care “reform”, the average Joe has learned to feel fear in his heart when the word reform is mentioned since it inevitably means his life will be just a little harder than it was yesterday so that his employer’s life can be made a little easier.

  4. Our medicare system is horrendously broken, and we need a system that keeps costs low for everyone.

    Let’s ask the French how they do it.

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