Johnny Depp Makes An Idiot Out Of Himself

You have to love it when idiotic celebrities make idiots of themselves by trying to sound intelligent when they have no idea what they’re talking about.

The latest celebrity to join the ranks of the World’s Biggest Idiotarians is Johnny Depp, who had this little pearl of wisdom to say:

"America is dumb, it’s like a dumb puppy that has big teeth that can bite and hurt you, aggressive," he said.

"My daughter is four, my boy is one. I’d like them to see America as a toy, a broken toy. Investigate it a little, check it out, get this feeling and then get out," said the star of the off-beat films "Edward Scissorhands" and "Dead Man."

The natural response to such an overwhemingly stupid statement can only be this:

What the fuck? I mean what the fucking fuck? Seriously, dude, what the fuck?

More eloquently, Johnny Depp is an idiot. He’s a drug-addled little moron who wants publicity by slamming the nation that made him famous.

The last time I checked the "dumb puppy" just liberated 30 million people in Iraq and Afghanistan. The last time I checked this "dumb puppy" of a nation is the place millions of people try to get to every year because this "dumb puppy" is the most free nation on Earth. People from Cuba, a state that Mr. Depp thinks is some kind of worker’s paradise, are literally dying to get here.

No, but since a washed-up third rate drug-abusing celebrity thinks that we’re bad because we prevented one of the worlds worst dictators from systematically murdering hundreds of thousands of people, well, I guess we should all hang our heads in shame.

When people like Johnny Depp are lost to history, the free people of Iraq and Afghanistan will fondly remember their liberators who saved them from totalitarianism and tyranny.

31 thoughts on “Johnny Depp Makes An Idiot Out Of Himself

  1. I’m really surprised that you don’t have a sarcastic comment about the fact that he choosed to live in France …
    needless to say, I love this actor for all the great movies he made. I always did, not just today because he made this enlighted statement about the Bush administration. I just want to had “from hell”, “Arizona Dream” and “Sleepy Hollow” to the movies cited in this article.
    To do drug is not necessarily a bad thing. If you’re lucky, you can even turn out to become…president of the United States!!!

  2. I can never get enough of the celebrities that just BASH the country that makes the all those millions of dollars each year. Maybe Depp should start releasing movies just in France. I’m sure he will make as much as he does in this “dumb puppy” of a country.

  3. My question is- why do you even bother to gripe about what a few whining celebs say? No one really gives a damn anyway, except bloggers who feel the irrepressible need to bitch and moan… and Ann Coulter calls liberals whiny… sheesh… do you really want to out-whine them as well?

  4. Interesting how Depp’s comments are made public on a day where Bush’s actions vindicate the statements even more than usual. Just six months after disdainfully shrugging off the need for ANY external help in pursuing Iraqi regime change, Bush dropped to his knees today pleading with the international community to help fix the disaster that has a bold “Made in the USA” label on it.

    If I were in the shoes of the UN or international community, I would look down at Bush slobbering all over my shoes, smile deeply, and say, “Get molested, you arrogant, unqualified son of a bitch!”….and then stick the boot he was kissing up his ass. It’s unconscionable that Bush orchestrated a scenario where American soldiers will sacrifice their lives without any hopes of the international community absorbing any of the blow, but that’s almost certain to be the outcome thanks to Bush’s unbelievably incompetent diplomacy, that’s the very likely scenario our young men and women are facing.

    Bush makes it damn hard to be a patriot, so I could never criticize Depp for his remarks. Bush’s latest plea for the world community to stand in between Iraqi bullets and American soldiers while Americans pump oil, count the greenbacks, and order more foreign soldiers to serve as human shields for America will only further entrench global hatred for America, meaning that Depp will viewed as a hero by 80% of the world today.

    Between Bush’s embarrassing plea for assistance from the international community that was irrelevant mere months ago, the execution of an anti-abortion zealot who proclaimed he was going to the nicest corner of heaven after bragging about gunning down an abortion doctor, watching him squirm, and then shooting him five more times until the squirming stopped, and of course, the arrest of WorldCom executive Bernard Ebbers for taking advantage of a GOP-adored deregulated business culture to steal from his employees, it sure wasn’t a good day for conservatives.

  5. Ah, yes, more of the intelligent discourse that so attracts me to your blog, Jay. Can’t figure out why Depp is wrong? Well, he’s an idiot!

    Very mature. If he’s the idiot, and you’re so smart, how come he’s the millionare?

  6. Yeah, who does Depp think he is, talking about politics! He’s just an entertainer. He should stick to movies! Or maybe run for governor of California or something, I hear that’s popular these days.

  7. i love johnny depp (my favorite actor) but the stuff he says is so dumb. and he should learn to keep his big dump mouth shut!

  8. i love johnny depp (my favorite actor) but the stuff he says is so dumb. and he should learn to keep his big dump mouth shut!

  9. It’s kind of like the new Warren Zevon song:
    Home of the brave land of the free–the less you know the better off you’ll be.

    Jay, why don’t you develop some of the sensitivity that Johnny Depp has to to get better fix on things?

    Or just stay in your closed box without thinking. The less you know the more you can write about it!

  10. Johnny Depp is your typical whiny spoiled brat actor. He loves America so much he lives in France. He wants all the benefits of being an American (freedom of speech, stardom), but none of the responsibilities. He hates the political climate so he runs away. How does that affect him anyway? It’s very clear what he meant…America is dumb filled with dumb people and since he is SO INTELLIGENT he can’t live here among us idiots. Get off your lazy rich ass, shut your f-ing mouth, and if you want to DO something about America be a man and come back here and help Habitat for Humanity or some other charity. I hate people that run away and trash our country because not everything is the way HE wants it. If you’re SO f-ing worried about our country and it’s dumbness bring yourself back and honor us with your vast intelligence so we can learn to be as smart as you. Quit being selfish and condescending. Talk is cheap buddy. You’re all talk Johhny Depp.

  11. Johnny Depp is just speaking the truth. We have bullied the whole world, and now Bush wants help. I don’t know how Bush sleeps at night, with all the soldiers that are being killed in Iraq every day, because he wanted to beat his chest. A poll said that 45% of Americans couldn’t name a single democratic candidate for president. Any other country’s citizens could do so.Most Americans are ignorant, spoiled and arrogant.

  12. I think you’re getting bent out of shape for nothing. Depp clearly did NOT mean “America is dumb filled with dumb people”, he meant that America is still a very young country compared to Europe, and like a “dumb puppy” is prone to making mistakes as it matures. He happens to be right. Think about it…most of the European nations have been around for thousands of years. They’ve seen it all. North America, by comparison is like a spoiled child, who has all of the benefits of recent technology and none of the experience to use it wisely.

    All of that being said, Depp is an ACTOR! Who cares what he says?

  13. I would like Mr Depp to live in France permanently and not return to the United States. I do not think his political views adds any insight on our current problems. If he is happy in France they stay there Mr Depp. However I will no longer support his acting unless its a french film with subtitles. To many people way more intelligent then him have died. Mr Depp was an American did he ask what he could do for his country? Stay in it and help it change if that is his view! No only his witty remarks and stupid comments. Revoke his citizenship give it to one of the many who would love to have a chance to live in America and be part of it. I may be a dumb puppy but he’s a Dixie chicken.

  14. I was pretty disappointed by Johnny Depp’s whole “dumb puppy” comment. Being rich like he is, well, it’s a combination of luck and hard work. You don’t have a life like that and maintain with just hard work or just luck: you need both. Luckily America fosters those. However, not all of us can be rich and famous. And not all of us can just up and decide to move away to some foreign country. A lot of us are stuck here and have to make the best of it. Europe isn’t so great either. In fact, in many ways, it’s worse. Sure, any place is great if you’re rich. But it’s being poor that really shows what life is like in a given place.

    And I am sick of people slamming the Bush administration. No president is perfect. We have to look at the good things they accomplish in the time they have in office. Now, I know this may be a bit on the conservative side for you guys…but I am glad Bush is anti-abortion. I’m glad he has principles he sticks to. GOOD principles.

    Oh, and for the record…Johnny Depp is my favorite actor. Although his statements were a bit of a slap in the face to fans who like America and live here, I don’t hold them against him. It just takes a while for some people to come back down to Earth…learn things they didn’t know before…and ultimately change their minds.

  15. The comments that he said is a bit loud- mouthish, he should have known better then to say these opinions out loud. He is not perfect, so how can he critisize others. Little druggie, hotel – thrashing bastard. But he is good looking and that counts for him of course. So he has the cheeck and arrogance to accuse the country that brought him fame!

  16. But he hasn’t got the right, really. I agree with him, in general. In America the thing you see most is voilence and sex and stuff. In France, Europe, the people’s lives are more… traditional and civilized. “Greet your neighbour and take off your hat” sort of thing. But OBVIOUSLY not everyone in America is like that! He can’t judge, only God can judge. He should’ve said mostly. Did I mention that he is our favourite actor? I mean soooooooooo favourite. Just thought I’d say. Okay bye. Oh and by the way we’re getting his name tatooed on our buts. Why not? It’s a free world after all. Country. I feel like typing now. Uhm… well actually I don’t. Bye.

  17. The actual thing, I think, is that America frightens him. He says that he is afraid of the shootings in high schools and all the murders, so it makes perfect sense why he chooses to bring up Lily Rose in France, which is a safer environment. He loves her so much.

  18. Apparently this statement that Johnny is supposed to of made was wildly distorted by the press and changed so it looked worse than it was. Johnny Depp is a very good actor but that is what he is. He is not the president, hes not a politician he is just an actor who has views on the world, the same as everyone else. Everyone has different opnions. I think we should just except what he believes and not worry about it and bother spending our time bitching about it.

  19. he’s a person just like you just like me. he just says what he thinks unlike some of us. He only gets raged on cuzz he’s a celebrity. face it good news just doesnt make news.

  20. For those who oppose the war we’re in (and we ARE at war), I make several points:

    1. We did not make this war, but rather let it build over eight years or so. Al Qaeda hit us at WTC in 1993, bombed US embassies all over the world between 1994 and 1998, trained as pilots in our flight schools, and blew a twelve foot hole in the USS Cole. Our response? A single Tomahawk missile that missed Bin Laden.

    2. Sept. 11th, 2001. War is declared on US by radical Islamic militants who believe God is telling them to kill anyone who does not believe as they do. Our response? As with the entry of the US into WWII, the US deploys forces to deal with threatening enemy forces. Al Qaeda and Taliban fighters are cleaned out of Afghanistan, and radical islamic govt is replaced.

    3. March 2003. The war is advancing into the very heart of the lands that radical islam dwells.( You don’t think we won WWII by sitting on our ASS at home do you?) With the fall of Saddam Hussein’s regime, the US now has a strategic power base from which to pressure diplomatically or militarily the remainder of our enemies in the middle east. Libya is already buckling under the heat. Iran must soon change also. We CANNOT allow proliferation of nuclear arms by a country whose rulers think it’s good to die while killing “non-believers”.

    4. We are making progress in winning this war and we ARE already a safer nation. There hasn’t been a single terrorist attack on US soil, or against true US interests abroad in over two years. The enemy has been disrupted and with the exception of a few suicide bombings against insignificant targets, they have not enjoyed any success. The smaller size of these attacks proves it.

    5. George Bush is not Bullying anyone. I remind everyone that he is doing what is necessary to SAVE OUR ASSES. What if Roosevelt had needed to ask permission before invading France and kicking out the Nazis. When we went to war in 2001, France should have been our staunchest ally. Instead they chose to bitch and moan. Mainly because their bussiness with the “axis of evil” would be coming to an end. Same with Russia. So, we went into Iraq without the support of the profiteering
    council members of the UN. So what? The only people who really got their feelings hurt are our enemies. Everyone else will get over it.

    6. As for the “dumb puppy” comments by Depp, there wouldn’t be a France for him to move to if this “dumb puppy” hadn’t cleaned out the Germans and made it a safer place for him first. Freedom is not free, but we will all arrive at a safer place because of the actions our country is taking today. Sometimes some of the actions may not seem to make sense at first, but our President has a plan for taking the fight to the enemy. However, it’s not like he can just call a press conference and announce what the whole plan is. But if you look closely, you can see it unfolding more and more clearly. There will be more loss of life, but as I said before freedom is not free, nor will our freedom from radical islam be. But I’d rather die fighting in the middle east than see more US children incinerated on an airliner. (Yes, there were children on those flights)

    So for you people who think Depp’s comments were just telling the truth, or you thought we needed more diplomacy, or you just hate Bush for the sake of hating him, then you guys just hit snooze button, roll over, and go back to sleep.
    I’ll wake you when the next big one hits.

  21. Johnny is being shunned at for the comment he made about America even after his apology just because he is a celebrity. If it was me or anyone else not in the public eye it would be overlooked. I think Johnny knows where his fame and fortune stems from and I truly admire him for standing up for what he believes in.

  22. “When people like Johnny Depp are lost to history, the free people of Iraq and Afghanistan will fondly remember their liberators who saved them from totalitarianism and tyranny.” You really really really need your facts straightened out!!

  23. OMG he is my lover- ugh i love him so much!
    Johnny i am mad at you for haveing a child with out me!!
    okay well she is six years old when im 16!!

    love katelyn

  24. You all are morons!! Do you really think Johnny cares about what you all
    >are saying? Get real. His millionaire ass doesn’t care about any of you. He
    >has much better things to do other than worry about what a bunch of
    >low-life, self centered Americans have to say about him. I think he is
    >right. Making such a big deal about “freedom fries” or “freedom toast”. The
    >French have absolutely nothing to do with any of those foods anymore.
    >Americans reformed both of those fried fancies. They aren’t French anymore.
    >America is like a dumb puppy, Johnny. I completely agree with you. My
    >mother said the same thing to me about drugs. I still didn’t try them with
    >her. She didn’t force them on me. Johnny is a very smart man and for you to
    >even criticize his work and dedication shows immaturity.When I get married
    >& get out of SCAD (the best performing arts school in the country) I will
    >join Johnny in France because America does need a change. I would like to
    >see any one of you play Edward Scisorhand or
    > Morton Rainy. Hah! You cant! So I think I speak for Johnny and myself
    >when I say: America, Kiss My Sweet Ass!!!!!!!!
    It has nothing to do with him being an actor or not. Its because America has been made blind by the fact that we are the most richest country or the most free country. He could be Ol’ Man John’s house-cat for all I care. Its the fact that we continue to fight over this nonsense after he apologized for it. I love America but at the same time I am very disappointed in it. Could you imagine what our founding fathers are saying in heaven right now? America was their baby that they “nursed” from Great Brittan & the way We are now, is completely different. NO ONE respects those mens lives and their dedication in their one and only child. Americans are a disgrace to their country. We, as Americans litter our streets that OUR tax money goes to. We, as Americans, destroy peoples homes, OUR cities,& OUR land. Our candidates in the election “trash-talk” one another to come out on top. Why? What for? So someone can feel large by putting someone else down? If thats the American way, then why would anyone want to be apart of us? I don’t understand it. Do the rich not shun the “poor” or “middle class”? Yes, they do. I go to a school that where kids tease you and make fun of you if you don’t have a Louis Vutton bag or Nike Air Force One shoes? Thats how our founding fathers wanted this country to be? No, I think not. What major political issue did Johnny Depp change by speaking his mind? None. Remember the 1st amendment? Yea, that one says Freedom of Speech to ALL Americans? The Fathers considered anyone in or from America to be American, remember? Johnny Depp is an American, I am an American,& so are you. Yes, we have a right to “speak” our minds but do you ever ask yourself; what is that? What truly is speaking your mind? How do you do it and how far can an OPINION be taken before it is drawn out too far? Please for once America, consider someone ELSE’S opinion.

  25. Happened upon this thread. Astounded that celebrity comments made over a year ago, are still drawing so much conversation. Reinforces the level of divisiveness in this country which the election results demonstrated

  26. Johnny Dipstick (or Lipstick) is immoral, on drugs, and belongs nowhere in this country. Wait, I forgot that he lives in the Bahamas with his mistress!

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