A Victory For Democratic Intolerance

After months of slanderous attack by Senate Democrats, Miguel Estrada has withdrawn his name from the nomination to the US Court of Appeals in Washington.

This is an example of the intolerance of Senate Democrats towards anyone who disagrees with their radical far-left ideology. Estrada has a long and proud history of being a highly-qualified and fair legal mind. The attacks against Estrada are nothing more than a smear campaign by Democrats that reeks of racism and intolerance.

This is one reason why Democrats are shooting themselves in the foot. This despicable action clearly shows that a Hispanic who has social views shared by most Hispanics is somehow not to be allowed to serve on the judicial bench. The Democrats couldn’t have given Karl Rove a better plan of attack to win over the crucial Hispanic vote.

Senate Democrats should be ashamed of themselves for slandering such a capable and fair justice. Then again, time as shown that Senate Democrats are without shame.

4 thoughts on “A Victory For Democratic Intolerance

  1. You’re playing the race card where it needn’t be played…the same ways the Dems too often do. And of course you can condemn the Democrats for this (paradoxically, they’re a minority party in both houses of Congress, yet apparently still wield this iron-fisted power to stop all judicial appointments in their tracks) because the GOP Congress was so good about appointing all of Clinton’s judicial appointments strictly on schedule.

  2. Name one Clinton appointee that was held up for two years through constant filibusters and was not even granted an up or down floor vote.

    You can search all you like, but there isn’t one.

    Passing the buck isn’t going to fly – the Democrats should be called to account for their obvious bias against Mr. Estrada. If a Hispanic whose views on social issues are no different than the majority of Hispanics in America and who was given high recommendations by the American Bar Association and who served with distinction in the Office of the Soliciter General in the Clinton Adminsitration is not being given a fair hearing than something is obviously amiss with the Democrats.

    This is an act of hatred, a lynching of a good and decent civil servant, and a disgusting partisan ploy. The Democratic Party should be ashamed of itself.

    Then again, it’s abundantly clear that the Democrats are beyond shame.

  3. So your contention is that Estrada is being blackballed simply because he’s Hispanic? If he embraced the same views and was a white guy from Mobile, Alabama, the Dems would rubber stamp him? If you can’t answer with an unambiguous and resounding “yes”, then you could just as well be the white equivalent of Kweisi Mfume.

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