Something Good From Europe

Glenn Reynolds finds one European company that is deserving of American business:

The Germans didn’t back the U.S. war in Iraq, but a German brewery is treating American sailors and soldiers to beer.

Munich-based Spaten, one of the world’s oldest breweries, is donating 600 cases of lager to each branch of the U.S. military for personnel who fought in the war.

It’s good to see that not all Europeans have succumbed to the wave of anti-American hatred that has swept Europe. And it’s a good thing too, as Franziskaner heifeweizen is some very good beer.

One thought on “Something Good From Europe

  1. Jay,

    Not to mention Sodexho Alliance, a French company, which is feeding the US expeditionary corp in Iraq.

    Back-stabbing, true, stomach-filling though…

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