Wrong Then, Wrong Now

Rand Simberg has a dead on parody of what the two-year anniversary of Pearl Harbor would be like in today’s climate.

The Americans of World War II knew the difference between good and evil, and they were willing to fight and die for what was right.

Today, there are numerous apologists for Saddam Hussein, people who think that the United States is the world’s biggest terrorist regime, people who make frivolous comparisons to Vietnam, and who put partisan political interests above winning this war.

And peopel wonder like conservatives like me want to embrace the values of the past. There are far too many in this country and abroad who don’t know what freedom is, and spit on those who protect it. With such an attitude, no state can remain free for long.

2 thoughts on “Wrong Then, Wrong Now

  1. I have to admit this text is very well tought, but is only true as far as a joke can be. It’s not REALLY relevant since the situation is not the same at all.
    I find it funny that you blame “people who make frivolous comparisons to Vietnam”, as the case of vietnam is closer to the present situation as WWII.

  2. We all will remember & never forget.

    They wanted to kill en masse.

    They also wanted to hit the best qualities you can find in the USA: grace, optimism, energy, dynamism, ambition & hope, perfectly embodied in the powerfully elegant towers.

    They finally brought about confusion, disarray & war among nations.

    This too should be remembered & never forgotten.

    If you want a moving tribute to the one missing: http://www.ushostnet.com/gulfwar/911attack.swf

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