Failing To Learn From History, Redux

David Frum has a good piece on why Wesley Clark isn’t the savior the Democrats think he is. I especially like this little smart-alec rejoinder:

A reader responded to the post above and pointed out that Wesley Clark has appeared on the History Channel’s “Time Machine” program to comment on the battles of Hannibal. According to the reader, Clark said that his own campaign in Kosovo was closely modeled on Hannibal’s in Italy. Of course, Hannibal lost his war, even despite all the babies he sacrificed to Moloch. You’d think a Rhodes Scholar like Clark would know that. On the other hand, maybe he figures that military defeat plus baby-burning is an unbeatable platform in a Democratic primary ….

Actually, given the Democratic platform that’s not far from the truth. Of course, Clark also forgets that Hannibal’s indecision allowed the Romans to defeat him, and he left the Carthaginians so weakened that that Cato’s cry of Carthago delenda est! could be acted upon. Of course, it’s only appropriate than one failed military leader whould follow the works of another.

5 thoughts on “Failing To Learn From History, Redux

  1. Suggesting that Wesley Clark and the Democrats support burning babies…..You’re right! Those nasty Democrats just keep pushing the envelope in being mean to Republicans. I sure am glad to take notes on “how to debate” from people who embrace the conservative ideology and thus avoid nasty, one-dimensional attacks against their opponents the way those clueless liberal debaters do.

  2. Whoa there. Show some respect to Hannibal. Although he lost his war in the end, Hannibal’s crushing victories at Trasimene in 218 BC and Cannae in 216 BC rank among the greatest ever recorded in military history. Good officers do well to study his camapigns.

  3. Well, as I’ve noted before, Republicans are only allowed to say nice things about Democratic candidates that don’t have a chance in hell of winning. 🙂

    There’s an obvious correlary to that…

  4. Not only that, you seem to be alluding to the abortion debate a lot more lately… I never took you to be a social conservative…

  5. I’m anti abortion in principle, I just don’t think there’s any viable legislative way of banning abortion short of a Constitutional amendment, and I’m sure that isn’t likely to happen any time soon.

    Now, partial birth abortion on the other hand is another matter. Even the AMA (hardly anti-abortion zealots) says there is never a medical reason for such a procedure. That is a 14th Amendment issue, and appropriate for government action, but regular abortion exists in more of a gray area.

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