The Roadmap To Death

The Anti-Idiotarian Rottweiler has a stark post about how US policy is assisting terror in Israel. The murderer of 20 Israelis at the Cafe Hillel was one of 343 prisoners that were released by the Israelis at the behest of the Bush Administration.

How this Administration, one that should damn well know better, can support such actions is beyond me.

We had to have known that those 343 prisoners would try to kill again. We had to have known what the consequences of such actions would be.

Either the Administration is being willingly naive, or the lives of innocents like Dr. David Applebaum and his 20-year old daughter Nava were sacrificed for a "roadmap" that we all knew would fail. And now we compound that mistake by keeping a bloodthirsty tyrant and terrorist like Yassir Arafat alive and in power.

Spoons is walking away from George W. Bush for this. Personally, I understand where he’s coming from. I’m not sure he’s right, and defeat of Bush would likely produce an even worse outcome, although Lieberman is starting to sound better and better on this issue. Given the choice of having a Republican who is strongly pro-Israel, stands strong against terrorism, defends the Iraq war, but governs like a Democrat on domestic issues, and a Democrat who would do the exact same thing I can see a lot of Republicans who would considering crossing over. However, in the end, the Democrats are now controlled by the anti-war, anti-Israel, and weak America left, and would push even a moderate like Lieberman to even more painful concessions.

Still, what can one say to Chanan Sand who lost the woman he loved to some madman’s hatred of all Jews? Can anyone say that the false promise of the roadmap was worth her life?

I sure as hell can’t.

President Bush, if you cannot stand against terrorism against Israel, you cannot expect anyone to stand for us when the suicide bombers start attacking us. The people of Israel are our friends, our allies, and our strongest supporters. How many more Israelis have to be blown up before we will be willing to stand and fight? How many more Chanan Sands have to bury their loved ones and watch their day of joy turned to a day of anger and sadness? How many more Israelis must die before we end this idiotic charade and stop pretending that the current leadership of the Palestinian Authority wants genocide, not peace?

As the President said, "you’re either with us (the civilized world), or with the terrorists". Exactly what side are we supposed to be on now?

One thought on “The Roadmap To Death

  1. Even worse than not having people on our side when the bombers start attacking us, Jay, is the fact that by pressuring Israel to yield to terrorists we have broadcast to the world that terrorism works. By forcing concessions on Israel, the President has done more to encourage terrorism against this country than even his predecessor managed to do, and that’s saying something.

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