Mitch Berg 1 Albright 0

Mitch Berg delves into the seamy underbelly of the left-wing blogosphere and comes back with this brilliant fisking of former Secretary of State Madeline Albright and Hesiod.

He also notes that the left wing of the blogosphere is far more rabidly partisan than the right. While right-wing blogs can and frequently do criticize President Bush (just read VodkaPundit or Spoons to see examples of this in action), the left treats the Democrats as a group of saints who are on a mission to save the world from the evil, mean, Republicans. It’s ironic that the left-wing of the blogosphere painted itself as a reaction to what they saw as a "right-wing echo chamber" and is now the last place one can expect anything resmembling nuance or even-handedness. (Granted, there are a few exceptions, and even a raving moonbat like Atrios may inadvertantly stumble into something of interest.) However, for the most part the left-wing of the blogosphere exists for one purpose: to bash Bush and the Republicans with all the grace and tact of an angry pitbull. In so doing, they’ve become little more than a dreary and entirely predictable left-wing echo chamber in which Paul Krugman and Maureen Down are regurgitated chapter and verse. It may play well to the other raving moonbats of the left, but as a tool of pursuasion it’s more frightening than compelling.

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