Dirty Campaigning Defined

So now the Democrats have accused Arnold Schwarzenegger of both groping women (which is apparently OK for Bill Clinton but not for anyone else) and sympathizing with the Nazis despite Schwarzenegger’s history of involvement with Jewish groups.

Apparently the California Democratic strategy is when you can’t win on the issues, start the slander…

8 thoughts on “Dirty Campaigning Defined

  1. It would be nice if the Dems could effectively take the high ground against the Republican trash campaigning juggernaut, but any party that wins by accusing its opponents of being involved in Mexican mafia assassinations and comparing opposing candidates to child molesters/killers and the worst terrorist murderer in world history should be prepared to wear a little mud of its own. I haven’t seen or heard anything about ads calling Schwarzenegger a Nazi, but his history of groping women and rhetorically reducing them to sextoys is fair game in a political campaign, as was Bill Clinton’s.

  2. HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA !!!

    The lobotomised puppet salesman of the Bushesque brainwasheteria is indeed not responsible of his father’s Nazi past.

    But his sready support to Kurt Waldheim (a waffen SS who slaughtered thousands of Jews) tells everything.

    Good luck !

  3. Having now read Schwarzenegger’s glorification of Hitler’s Third Reich, I see no reason why this information shouldn’t be made available to the public. To quote Jay Reding….if you say something incredibly stupid, you better be prepared to suffer the consequences. If it’s good enough rationale to condemn the Dixie Chicks, why is it merely “Democratic slander” when the shoe’s on the other foot?

  4. which is apparently OK for Bill Clinton but not for anyone else

    I don’t recall Republicans being ok with it. After all they did start that whole impeachement thing. Why then are they giving Arnold (I can’t even begin to spell his last name) a pass on it?

    I wasn’t ok when Clinton did it. I’m not ok with Arnold doing it. The leader of a state shouldn’t be a guy who thinks that it’s a swell thing to be allowed to shove women into toilets face-first.

  5. And would you care to show any evidence that Mr. Schwarzenegger did anything of the kind?

    Boy, Jay, you need to get to the movies more. It was in Terminator III. The point isn’t that he did it – after all, it was just acting – but that afterwards he said that’s why acting is so great – you get to shove women into toilets and nobody can say anything about it.

    It’s one thing to have ridiculous domination fantasies. It’s quite another thing for a man seeking office to express such glee in making them real.

  6. No, Jay.

    It’s not only what your lobotomised, pathetic marionette has done in a 3rd-rate movie. It’s also his comments on it.

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