The Speech You Won’t Hear…

Ahmed Chalabi, the Iraqi envoy to the United Nations had gave this brilliant speech at the UN General Assembly today which has gone largely unnoticed by the media. Chalabi ends on this note:

I stand before this Assembly as a representative of free Iraq. To all those here who helped us in our struggle for liberation we extend our gratitude. Our liberation would not have been achieved without the determination of President, George W. Bush and the commitment of the Coalition, at the forefront of which stand the people of the United States of America and Great Britain. The Iraqis will never forget your courage and sacrifice on our behalf.

To those who stood with the dictator and who continue to question the intentions of the American and British governments in undertaking this liberation, we invite you to come and visit the mass graves where half a million of our citizens lie, come and visit the dried up marshes, come and visit Halabja where chemicals were dropped on civilians, come and examine the lists of the disappeared whose right to live was taken away from them by Saddam Hussein. And we the Iraqi people will ask you why you chose to remain silent.

We are here today to declare that a new Iraq is born. An Iraq where dignity, justice and human rights are assured for all citizens. An Iraq at peace with its people, its neighbours and the world. An Iraq that stands ready to regain its rightful place in the international community of free and proud nations.

Somehow I don’t think anyone could have said it better. The people of Iraq are grateful for their freedom, and they are not happy with those who tried to prevent them from achieving it.

2 thoughts on “The Speech You Won’t Hear…

  1. SSgt. Dave,

    Do you know what 95 % of the World think about those crappy 50 “states” lost somewhere between Mexico & Canada -two major allies of France during the fight against the Bushist “war”, that is?

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