The Tehran Threat

The National Post has an editorial on the urgent need to remove the nuclear threat from Iran:

This is no time for the international community to dither over which calculated approach is most likely to persuade Iran to give up its quest for an atomic bomb. There must be no protracted debate over what diplomatic protests to file should Iran follow through with its recent threat to expel UN inspectors, no measured responses to its violations of the Nuclear Non-Proliferation Treaty and no appeasement in the form of aid in return for co-operation. Short of full-scale war, the Western powers must do all they can — together — to make it clear to the ayatollahs that they will not be permitted to build or possess nuclear weapons. And if the West cannot present a united front, then the Americans — again — will have to take the lonely lead.

Tehran clearly has the ability to create a nuclear warhead that can be launched at Israel via their medium-range ballistic missile technology. Iran has a history of support for terrorism, and if Iran has a nuclear weapon, it is only a matter of time before Hizb’Allah has one as well.

When Iran possesses a nuclear weapon, it will be too late to take action. This is a case where a preemptive solution is the only acceptable solution. Iran cannot be allowed to develop nuclear weapons.

That means using any means necessary including cruise missiles or airstrikes to end Tehran’s nuclear program. In 1981, Israel destroyed the French-build nuclear reactor at Osiraq near Baghdad. That action brought the usual storm of international criticism, but prevented Iraq from developing a nuclear weapon that could have forever shifted the balance of terror in the region. It is becoming more and more clear that the only way to prevent Iran from becoming a nuclear power is to follow the model of Osiraq.

12 thoughts on “The Tehran Threat

  1. The very thought of this being a real threat is enough to send shivers down my spine since Bush and his bloodthirsty minions have put America in a position where nobody at home or abroad will believe a word they say. The credibility of the Bush administration at home and the American government abroad is so low after we obliterated (sort of obliterated anyway) a manufactured threat that now is the perfect time for a real threat (and Iran is far from being alone) to take advantage of the cynicism George Bush has created towards all things American, even among Americans themselves. I am now convinced that by waging a war in Iraq based on a fictional premise, George Bush has made America substantially less secure than it was on September 10….and Iran could easily be the ones who test that.

  2. Jumping Jesus, where do you get these pukes?

    Guess what pencildick, I just got back from Iraq. You wanna get your ass kicked? Go over to Baghdad and tell the Iraqis that everything that happened to them was some fucking “manufactured threat.” I know enough Iraqis who got their buddies killed to tell you they sure as shit ain’t just makin’ it all up. I don’t give a flying fuck about weapons of mass destruction. I got my own Mark I eyeballs that tell me that getting rid of that fucker was the best damn thing we could do.

    The only fucks who are cynical about the US of A are the pukes who think that theyre fucking “supporting” us by pissing on our mission pissing on our flag and pissing on our President. That sure the fuck aint support. Shit, the more the fucking tangos hear from our media, the more they think that if they just pop a few more of us we’ll go home and they can fuck over Iraq like they did with Afghanistan. Pukes like you are the terrorists best friend, the little fucks who have never held a rifle, don’t know a goddamn thing about combat, but already think they know more than the people whose fucking boots are actually pounding the goddamn sand.

    You want to support us? Fly a flag and shut the hell up.

  3. SSgt. Dave,

    Just quoting you: fuck fucking fucked ain’t shit pukes pissing goddamn

    HA HA HA HA HA !!!

    You second to no one, except this illiterate, unelected “president” you call Bush.

  4. Jay,

    Yes I’ve already met marines & they weren’t that pathetic & brainwashed…

    I’ll stick to my Légion Etrangère who are able blow up your farcical marines before you can say Jack Robinson. In a man-to-man fight I mean. Not with coward flying computers dropping bombs on Iraqi children, women & old people.

  5. SSgt. Dave,

    I’m sorry. I forgot to quote more by you, desperate would-be penpusher (if you know what a pen is): pencildick ass.

    I’ll support your candidacy at the Académie Française.


    Anyway, nice to meet you. I’ll have a beer à ta santé. And don’t ever mess again with the French: you know damn well that your army was made after the French one. Compris? Rompez, Sergent !

  6. “You do have to concded to the French their place in military history: As warriors, the French have always made supurb pastry chefs. A French war begins with a retreat on Paris, followed by a scream for help, usually to America, and four years of peaceful collaboration. They’re the only country I know of that has a stack of surrender documents addressed ‘To Whom It May Concern’. I’ve seen fiercer geese.”
    — Fred Reed

    As they say in Baghdad, Alaan abok labo abook, yabn al gahba okho el gahba, yal manyoch kess ommek o ommen yabetek!

  7. Sargeant Dave, I normally would not degrade myself by responding to someone as incapable of conducting themselves with more maturity than the sixth grade bully who punches the little kid on the playground in the gut until he cries uncle. However, I do admire your service to your country, as gratuitously wrongheaded as your mission may be, so I’ll indulge you just this once. You may not care if Bush lied about weapons of mass destruction, but the world does. And considering your incapable Commander in Chief is now pleading with these very people for troop and financial support to rescue his sorry backside from this childish war, you may start caring when your tour gets extended indefinitely because there are insufficient replacements.

    If you believe patriotism is nothing more than unwavering support for the Commander-in-Chief (and I’m curious if you would’ve felt the same if you were deployed under the Clinton administration), then I can say in no uncertain terms you are a much graver enemy to the United States than Saddam Hussein ever was….and much more likely to produce America’s downfall than Hussein’s non-existent weapons of mass destruction.

  8. And considering your incapable Commander in Chief is now pleading with

    No Mark. It is rather Commander in Thief: he’s vampirising Iraqi oil, taking the lives of innocent young US guys and has of course stolen your elections in 2000.

  9. Dear Sergent,
    I must make a small add-on to your knowledge of history. It’s not really your fault since your nation didn’t exist at that time, but France is around for about 2000 years, not 200…
    It has been one the best army in the world: Twice in History, France ruled Europe from Gibraltar to Moscow (Charlemagne and Napoleon), and we have been along with UK and Spain the main discovers of the world, (including “new India”= the US). Our empire was the first referred to as “where the sun never goes down”.
    So please, go do whatever your “sergent+” told you to do without thinking about it twice, but don’t try to shine, it looks very bad. really.
    Actually I suspect Jay to have created this character to look close with root-americans or something, because this is way to stupid to be true.
    p.s: Sorry if you’re for real, but you deserve it anyway.

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