I’d Like To Hear Chirac Explain This…

Polish troops in Iraq have found four French-made Roland anti-aircraft missiles in Iraq. The manufacturing date for these missiles was this year.

Under a strict trade embargo imposed by the United Nations, Iraq was barred from importing arms after its invasion of Kuwait in 1990.

Among others, Russia, Britain and France all sold arms to Iraq in the 1970s and 1980s. In Iraq’s arsenal were Soviet-built Scud missiles, British Chieftain tanks and French Mirage fighters.

But Iraq managed to circumvent the arms trade ban in the 1990s through shadowy deals with various arms traders and kept its military equipment functioning.

The French say they haven’t sold Iraq any weapons since July of 1990 – then how did missiles manufactured in this year end up in at least two places in Iraq – both at this munitions dump and Baghdad International Airport?

18 thoughts on “I’d Like To Hear Chirac Explain This…

  1. I’d Like To Hear Bush Explain This…

    You rightly reported what French officials already told the press, Roland 2 production ceased in 1988 & Roland 3 in 1993. Furthermore no weapon has been exported to Iraq from 1990 on (UN ban).

    Bush is desperate for French support to pass a convenient UN resolution demanded by countries (like India) willing to come to the succour of the confused US army & restore UN legality. Isn’t it interesting that -contrary to earlier martial allegations by Rummy claiming that there were enough US troops in Iraq, the USA has urgently sent 10.000 more…

    The French want Gauleiter Bremer to be removed shortly & rapid power devolution to Iraqis. Bush opposes Iraqi self-ownership & wants to keep tight control over Iraqi natural resources. simultaneously, growing concerns are mounting in the USA about Bush’s lies about the Weapons of Mass Deception. Hence the pressure to resort to anything forged & desperate to ensure minimum face-saving…

    So far 6.000 US soldiers have been evacuated from Iraq, including 1.500 severely injured. Facts checkable at US transit bases in Germany & at Andrews base (USA). Bush is in a dead-end. He can no longer ensure troop rotation as he faces mounting anger in the USA & firm adamancy from international community to respect UN legality in Iraq.

    Bush is cumulating mistakes upon errors. He still can’t get round to the concept of multilateralism, his only asset left to manage an honourable exit from Iraq though.

  2. What the fuck is this piece of shit smoking?

    Let’s get a few things straight here dirtbag. I am a goddamn gun-toting ass-kicking United States Marine. (Ya know they big-ass guys with the buzz cuts and bad attitude.) I just got back from Iraq. I’m going back there in a few weeks. I’ve been in Iraq since the fall of Baghdad. I’ve spend the last few months helping get the New Iraqi Army up. To make this simple for ya I know what the fuck is going on in Iraq and you don’t.

    This crap about Iraq being a quagmire and another Vietnam is a load of shit. Any puke who tells you that the Iraqis don’t like us and don’t want us here sure as shit ain’t been in the same Iraq I’ve been in. The Iraqis fucking love us, they fucking hate Saddam, and they sure as shit don’t need a bunch of pansy-ass Frog fucks running around and screwing things up for them. We already got the Iraqi regulars taking over for the 101st doin border patrols by Iran, and those guys are gung-ho as all hell. They want to cap some tango ass just as much as we do. You should see those guys. One of ’em damn near talked my ear off about how much he wanted to fuck up Saddam. Turns out his sister got raped by fucking Qusay. I’m real damn glad we blew that fucker to kingdom come. I just fucking wish I coulda pulled the trigger.

    Multi-fucking-lateralism? We got fucking multilateralism. We already got the Brits, the Poles, shit, even the fucking Mongolians are here. Who the fuck else do we need? Guess what pencildick, the Indians ain’t coming even if we get a fucking piece of shit paper from the UN. They got enough problems keeping the Pakistanis from going nuclear on their asses.

    Ya gotta love the Frogs. For a country that can’t fight its way out of a wet paper bag they sure got a lot of talk. Shit, like we fucking need the French to bail us out. Get those Frog bastards over here and we’d spend all day having to bail their sorry asses out when they start surrendering to anything that moves. Shit, they’d have a whole fucking brigade dropping their rifles to a fucking sheep herder the first goddamn day.

    The only French bastard I saw the whole time in Iraq was some walking UN clusterfuck who shit his panties every time the Iraqis would fucking fire into the air. Fuck, the Iraqis waste more ammo shootin at clouds than they did fighting us. (Shit, maybe the Iraqis got their tactics from the Frogs too. Most of their army parked their tanks and ran the fuck away the second the war started.)

    Shit, you Frogs ain’t nothing but talk. I’ve fucking seen fiercer pussy cats than you. We’re going to clean this fucking place up, we’re going to put the Iraqis back in charge, and then we’re going home. Get it through your Froggy skulls: we don’t want you, we don’t need you, go fuck yourself.


    BTW – Jay I’m staying with S. for the next few weeks gimme a call man and you can buy me some drinks! 😉

  3. This crap about Iraq being a quagmire and another Vietnam is a load of shit.
    Is it really? Then explain why your Texan calimity has repeatedly begged for Chirac’s approval to secure a UN resolution to multilateralise transition to iraqi self-ownership? Oh wait! It’s impossibler for you to know: you’re a FoxNews-gazing, cheeseburger-eating US clown…

    The Iraqis fucking love us
    Yeaaaaaaah man! The whole world loves you!

    I just fucking wish I coulda pulled the trigger
    So do I SSgt. Dave: I hate Saddam too. Still Rummy -your boss- was nurturing more amorous feelings toward Saddam-The-Fat-WMD-Client, wasn’t he?

    We already got the Brits, the Poles, shit, even the fucking Mongolians are here
    HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA !!! No comments… You deserve to be appointed in the French foreign office. BTW: the Brits are just self-abased stooges & the Poles are traumatised poodles. Get over it. You don’t have that many friends. And they’re not that outstansing either…

    Shit, like we fucking need the French to bail us out
    You have indeed a lot left to do to repay us with the IMMENSE debt you owe us: your very existence, you silly twerp. And you can keep the Statue of Liberty for free.

    You’re pathetic. But I respect you for one single thing: you *TRY* to defend your country.

  4. Hey Dave! Glad to hear you’re back!

    That has to be one of the more… ahem… colorful comments on this site in a while… 🙂

    you’re a FoxNews-gazing, cheeseburger-eating US clown…

    If you’re dumb enough to mess with a US Marine, you’ve got more than a few screws loose.

    Oh, and I think that considering that your nation would have ceased to exist in 1940 without American help, and debt we owed you has already been repaid.

  5. Apparently the Pollocks are proving their long held stereotype for stupidity to be true. They weren’t French missles after all. i guess the neo-conservatives will have to come up with some other bogus excuse to indict France on the same level as the the terrorist regimes o the Middle East. I would like to say to Sgt. Dave that I salute and support all our troops in Iraq. As a Libertarian, I am happy Iraq is free and am proud that we have the best national defense system in the world. I only regret that our government continues to support or ignore many other regimes that are equally as bad as the Saddam Hussein Bathist/facist regime that was in Baghdad. When it comes to foreign policy, our country and France are just different colors of the same shit. This does not detract from the works of soldiers of either nation (I also salute French troops in DR Congo and Cote D’Ivoire), but only serves notice that both sets of bureaucrats are self-serving when it comes to promoting democracy in the third world.


  6. Dave, are you sure you’re in the Marines and not the Navy. You surely have a sailor’s mouth. I thought the military now required a high school diploma or a GED for all of its recruits. Judging from the fifth-grade mentality of your post, I may have to report you to Uncle Sam for your obvious shortcomings in the educational requirements.

    As for the significance of your vulgar and dimwitted retorts, the insistence that the U.S. doesn’t need any help would be much more credible if our Commander-in-Chief wasn’t slobbering all over the feet of the United Nations, begging for forgiveness as well as financial and troop support for waging a unilateral “pre-emptive war” which we didn’t have the capacity or fortitude to complete.

  7. I get it. If pompous vulgarity and slander doesn’t bully dissenting opinions into submission, physical intimidation is the next best way to mandate “seeing things my way.” If that’s the way the Marines operate (and I honestly hope it isn’t), I can be glad I’ve never met one.

  8. By the way, Jay, I don’t quite understand how threatening to “rip other commenters heads off” fits into your “respectful debate” guidelines.

  9. If you’re dumb enough to mess with a US Marine, you’ve got more than a few screws loose
    Anyone messing with France will get a good kick in their asses, including drunkards from the navy.

    Oh, and I think that considering that your nation would have ceased to exist in 1940 without American help, and debt we owed you has already been repaid
    Climb down from your little, whity, swollen cloud, Jay. France didn’t cease to exist with German occupation, just like Iraq is still struggling for life against US occupation. To that extent, we’re still waiting for you to pay back your COLOSSAL debt to France: the fact that you’re not a pathetic subject of the Windsors, a German family.

  10. Harry Browne- a TRUE Libertarian- says it best: ” That’s the thanks we get for saving France from the Nazis. Those ingrates turn their backs on us — after all we’ve done for them. Don’t they realize that what we (meaning a previous generation) did in World War II makes them indebted to us forever — obligating every French President to do whatever any American President commands, no matter how violent, aggressive, or irrational?”

    Browne’s tongue in cheek article does not defend France’s political stance, but merely shoots holes into naive arguments of neo-conservatives who think that all diplomacy of this era stems from World War II. France doesn’t owe our current administration a damn thing.


  11. I don’t think France has to do what the US tells them. If they want to stay out of Iraq, fine, they’re not obligated to send troops.

    However, there’s a big difference between remaining neutral and actively trying to impede efforts to rebuild Iraq. When France has the sheer unmitigated arrogance to turn down the UN resolution on Iraq in December before Iraq even saw it it was clear that France was not interested in being a neutral party, but was interested in trying to stop the US at all costs.

    Chirac’s latest move is emblematic of that. Chirac is either A: a complete idiot who thinks that the Iraqis are in any position to have a stable government now or B: making a demand so outrageous that the US is forced to abandon getting a UN resolution. Either way it’s bad for Chirac.

    France is actively standing against helping the people of Iraq. It’s fine if they don’t want to help, but a UN resolution would encourage some other governments who are sitting on the fence to chip in. The whole reason they are doing that is for their own power.

    If France honestly thinks that it’s more important to challenge the US than terrorism, then quite frankly, they’re simply not worth dealing with. Unfortunately the current French government is running on principles of impotence, envy, and anti-Americanism, and they have chosen to side against the US and with the side of terrorism. The current anti-French feeling in the US is a direct reaction to their duplicity.

  12. Wow, I’m impressed that Browne had the fortitude to say something like that. I guess I underestimated him a little bit. I could never bring myself to vote for someone who puts so much faith in the infallibility in volatile and corruptible “market forces”, but after reading that quote, I have more respect for him than I did yesterday.

  13. France is actively standing against helping the people of Iraq

    If France honestly thinks that it’s more important to challenge the US than terrorism
    France didn’t wait for 9/11 to experience what terrorism is. She was actively & successfully (9/11-like plane attack on the Eiffel Tower in 1995 led by islamofascists equipped with huge weaponry = unlike the 19 guys armed with forks & knives who hit the Twins and the Pentagon) waging a US-and-UK-non-supported (see the UK revolting refusal to extradite the terrorists to blew up Saint-Michel métri station in 1995 killing 8 & injuring dozens !!!) war against islamofascism. Your ignorance and hipocrisy are frightening and insulting.

  14. Great article, Justin. I like Harry Browne’s stuff… he’s too radical for me, but he makes a lot of good points that I agree with, especially in “How I Found Freedom in an Unfree World”.

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