Another Attack Against Israeli Civilians

A female suicide bomber has killed 19 Israelis in a Haifa restaurant. Three of the victims were children. Israeli police are examining the report that the bomber shot a security guard that was trying to stop her from entering the restaurant.

How many more murders must occur before the deadly illusion that the Palestinians want peace will be shattered. There is no possible excuse for the deliberate murder of civilians. The leaders of the Palestinian Authority have done absolutely nothing to stem the tide of terrorism against Israel.

It is clear that Israel must do whatever is necessary to protect itself – including removing Yassir Arafat even if it means his death. This intifada was created by Yassir Arafat’s refusal to accept the terms of the Taba negotiations in 2000 which would have secured a free and independent Palestinian state. Arafat’s failure to accept these generous terms was an act that even Saudi Price Bandar described as an unconscionable act.

It is clear that the Palestinians will not accept any solution which preserves a Jewish state in the Middle East and have rejected such a solution at every point it has been offered. Given this situation. Israel’s policy of creating a security wall and continuing the isolation of the Palestinians from Israel is the only way to prevent an even greater rash of brutal attacks against Israeli civilians.

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