The Reagans Gets Canned

CBS’ biopic/hit piece on Ronald Reagan has now officially been cancelled by the network.

“We believe it does not present a balanced portrayal of the Reagans for CBS and its audience,” the network said in a statement Tuesday.

That goes as the understatement of the year.

Then again, I wish they’d aired the show afterall. It would be a nice piece of ammunition to show liberal media bias, it would cause a major backlash against advertisers, it would keep the Dems from being able to scream censorship, and quite frankly, from what I’ve heard it is so over-the-top that people would see it as nothing more than a slimy hit piece on the Reagan family.

Then again, CBS knows this too, which is why they canned the project. That and the fact that every one I’ve heard of who saw it said it sucked like Monica Lewinsky holding an Electrolux while falling into a black hole…

One thought on “The Reagans Gets Canned

  1. It’s really amazing how a nation full of conservatives can get so bent out of shape over a movie that only one person has seen and commented on. The best-case scenario is that the movie will now air on Showtime and prove that hysterical conservative paranoia was wasted on something completely benign. Of course, anything less than a nation bowing to Reagan for four hours would be considered “left-wing bias” to Reagan’s legion of loony disciples.

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